With the PlayStation Vita's February 22 launch date fast approaching in the U.S., it's long past time that Sony start emphasizing how this latest device is an all-around media machine and not just for games. Enter the hardware manufacturer's only gaming-related announcement from its CES press conference.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Sony revealed that a Netflix app will be available on the Vita handheld on day one. In addition to this news, Sony bragged that 6.5 million PlayStation devices were sold over the holidays, and, despite reports of struggles, the PlayStation Vita has already sold half a million units since its launch in Japan last month.

While the ability to watch streaming movies and TV shows on your handheld isn't a make or break deal for most gamers, it does add a nice bit of utility to the device. Anyone one step closer to buying a Vita when it hits our shores next month?