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How Co-Op Could Work In Mass Effect 3
Co-op in Mass Effect 3 -- could it negatively affect the beloved formula of the trilogy's single-player experience, or could it actually work? vonfinell explains.

How Testing Can Ruin Games For You

Thinking about being a QA tester? It's not as fun as it seems according to Daniel.robert.campbell. His post provides some insight on the job.

Best Of Legend Of Zelda

In a number of Zelda-themed blogs, Oni no Tenshi highlights awesome music from the series and puts together a list of Link's companions over the years. In a post unrelated to Zelda, Oni also takes a look at different gaming experiences offered in the music/rhythm genre.

Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #2

Derreck dishes out another reader recap for your reading pleasure featuring stayedstar and Jon Keyes. The team discusses the PSN outage, PSP remasters, and more.

Abandon Ship? Why Nintendo Might Be Digging Its Own Grave

FamilyGuyGuy7 talks Wii U. Is the new hardware a good move for Nintendo? Join the discussion in the comments section of his post!

Legend Of Zelda Timeline For Dummies
"With the funny videos and still heated debate, I was lost for years if the many incarnations of Link are interconnected or not. Simple answer is yes, the complicated answer is 'some are, some aren't.' An even better answer is 'it's just a game series man... enjoy it.'" Matt-boy puts the debate to rest with his Zelda timeline.

Jonathan Coulton: The Musician You All Know (But Might Not Realize It Yet)
Jack, The Quixotic Gamer gives us a look at the man behind Portal's "Still Alive".

A Title A Year: A Get-Richer Scheme By The Big-Name Publisher?
Cru Hunter takes a look at the Call of Duty franchise to discuss the one-a-year business model.

Wouldn't It Be Great If... #2
o_JMan240_o's feature returns with questions surrounding Rainbow Six, Final Fantasy, and more. Also, check out his post on reboots detailing how starting from scratch is an entirely good thing. Finally, customer service horror stories. Share yours in the comments section of his post!

We're Gonna Need Bigger Guns... Or More Of Them
Vurtax suggests a few features that could help improve Battlefield 3.

Does The ESRB Need A New Rating?

Warbuff suggests that adding a new rating could bridge the gap between Teen and Mature-rated titles. Demon Ragnarok thinks its fine the way it is. Discuss in the comments section!

Inside The Walls Of Raven Software

Rob Ebert pays a visit to Raven Software, the studio that most recently had a hand in Treyarch's CoD: Black Ops and prior to that created Singularity.

Pop Gaming - We Asked For It!

Michael Johnson talks about the industry shift into "pop-gaming" and how it's not necessarily a bad thing.

The Times Are Changing

Apozem discusses how video game audiences are evolving and breaking traditional stereotypes. In another blog, he notes that he's not very fond of the 3DS.

The Future Of The Gaming Industry...

Where is our beloved industry headed? WS-N takes a look.

Community Podcasts

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Summer's Special: Episode I - Back To Vvarvendell

Drym Shyuan is looking for feedback on his new podcast! Give it a listen.

Game Informer Online Radio
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The 4th Floor Episode 11 (A Short Return)
TOGNick's podcast covers E3 and X-Men First Class.

Robot In The Corner
Ep. 34: Pirates of the Caribbean, Dirt 3, and more
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Staff blogs you may have missed: Reiner finds the best LEGO Star Wars creation, covers the Muppets recreated as Star Wars characters, and needs a hand in helping someone interested in gaming get their start. Jeff Akervik discusses why wrestling used to be so great and raves over the best Zelda commercial ever. Andy shares his latest Letter from the Editor about how developers can make a great first impression in early parts of their games.

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