If you read the summary of this blog before clicking on it, you know what we're talking about this week; nothin' but E3! ...Almost. We also talk far too long about Mr. Caffine, Ubisoft's conference host.

And if you're wondering why I made a My Little Pony reference... I'll explain that later.

Since we did that E3 predictions episode last week, we see what we got wrong and what we got right. I'd like to say I did the best, but Sean gets extra credit for having an extremely out of the blue prediction come true. (If you're wondering, Sean guessed there would be a new Smash Bros. game coming for Wii U and 3DS, and that the two games would interact with each other. THAT ACTUALLY CAME TRUE.)

If you would like to listen to this episode, you can so that right... here on this link!

And if you'd like to listen to it on your fancy-schmancy iPod or Macintosh computer, you can do that with the help of this link right here.


Ok, about that My Little Pony thing... My sister has been watching the new cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, on the HUB. Ironically, this cartoon is not terrible. It's not afraid to have violence and slapstick, along with well timed or clever jokes. Not to mention that the animation isn't something you could make in ten minutes like most shows these days. These facts, coupled with how my sister watches every episode that's recorded on our TV about three times a day, has warped my mind into nothing but Pony thoughts. When I met Nix in inFAMOUS 2, this was the first thing that popped in my head. (Not kidding. I need help.)

Also, this dude's Youtube channel. (Weird Al posted one of the videos on his Twitter feed, and I couldn't stop watching them.)

 Come on, how could you not find this at least a little bit funny?

With that out of the way...

Like I said above, the only thing we really talk about this week is E3. If you missed any of the news from E3, be sure to check out Gameinformer's awesome E3 hub. (No I'm not getting payed. But I'm not down on that idea, *wink wink*.)

And now it's that time where I plug everything.

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I just realised the longest parargraph in this whole blog was about My Little Pony.