Who's excited for E3 next week? The GIOR crew is, and that's why we did this special E3 predictions episode!

Koob picked this picture. I wanted something that actually dealt with E3, but this is funny.


This is a very special episode, so it goes on for a very special amount of time (three hours to be exact.) We know it's a long time, but we won't get to make predictions like this for a whole 'nother year, so we had to take advantage of it! If you need an extra incentive other than our awesome predictions and the debut of Ben Weeves and Stweet Comedy, we also give away codes for Dead Rising: Case Zero and a 3 month Xbox Live subscription.

Since this is the E3 predictions episode, we didn't talk about much news this week. Actually, most of the news this week was about E3, so it kind of goes full circle when you think about it.

*Warning, this episode gets a little dirty and or creepy at times. No swears, just stupidity.*

You can listen to this week's super long episode here. (We put in a good stopping point, if you need to take a break.)

You can also find it on iTunes here.  

And for Shownotes this week... there's not really much to talk about. Really, the only thing we talked about was E3, so... here's a picture of the E3 logo.


E3 starts this Monday.

One thing before the plugs... Mega64. Aren't they great?

And now it's time for PLUGS!

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Hope you enjoy this episode. See you next week, after E3!