Cosplayer Orochi X has already graced the blog once for his phenomenal Siegfried Schtauffen ensemble. I couldn’t pass the opportunity to feature him again once I set eyes on his newest project – Final Fantasy summon Bahamut. The quality and caliber of the costume make it the perfect way to recognize our fiftieth CosBlog. Check out the photos below, and thank you for your continued support!

Who: The Character
I chose Bahamut, an Aeon from the game Final Fantasy X. In the game, an Aeon is a powerful creature that Yuna is able to summon to help her in battle.

Why: The Decision
I’ve always been a big fan of  the Final Fantasy series, and of all of the Final Fantasy summon creatures, I like Bahamut best. I summon him so often, I think I’m a bit obsessed with the creature.

The Final Fantasy X version of Bahamut is on the top of my list. I like the design, the color of the wings, and the version of Bahamut looks wonderful together with the beautiful Yuna.

What: The Process
It took a full two months of my year, and holiday from college to make this costume. I worked on it almost every day and enjoyed it, though some parts killed me and almost beat me down.

I combined many materials for this costume, including plastic, liquid plastic, light clay, aluminum foil, car paint, fiber glass, foam, vinyl, some metallic colored paper and velvet for the wings. I think the final cost is around USD200.

Molding the head and choosing the right material for Bahamut’s skin was really hard for me. I did research for variety of materials and to make the color gradation on his skin, I even mixed some car paints and dyed the velvet.

The most trying part was the wings. It wasn’t as difficult as molding the head, but I had to make a total of 12 big red feathers and 10 small feathers one-by-one. It’s still okay for me at first, but you know…doing the same thing over and over again caused me to get bored and frustrated.

Where and When: The Debut
I wanted my Bahamut to look like it was flying so I needed a good panorama of the sky.

I decided to shoot it on a building roof, so luckily I found a building under construction near my house. It was so painful. There was no lift in building and our photo shoot was on the roof. We took the stairs…

My big brother, his friend, and my photographer helped me carry all the props, but the four of us still needed to go up and down the stairs around three times.

The photographer was my cosplay partner, Pinky Lu Xun
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