Platforms and Monetization

How is simultaneous release on multiple platforms being handled? Do players on different platforms play together? 

They have to play separately per platform; first party wouldn’t allow us to do cross platform. 

Got it. Are you going to be able to do all the major patches on consoles that are coming to PC?

Yeah, there is a differential in time on going through the first party’s certification process but as far as bandwidth if you mean getting it to clients; we host that on our site. So once we get it certified we handle the patching. There is really no limitation to what we can put on.

So if I’m playing 360, I would put my disc in and if there was a new patch, it would connect up to the Trion servers and get that patch that way?

Yup, once you go through Xbox live or PlayStation Network, you connect to us.

The other challenge that we’ve heard about with console MMO’s has been demands console makers have made about how things are monetized and their cut of things. Has that been a challenge for you all?

That’s always going to be there whenever you’re on a dedicated console, but we feel that the player base, particularly for shooters on both of those platforms far outweighs any of that. And we expect to get a lot of people playing this game because there’s a lot of shooter fans and this is something that we haven’t seen. So it’s going to be a very unique experience for them, that I don’t think they are really expecting as much as they’ll find. 

Can you tell me about how the game is monetized?  

Hill: A lot of what we do is boosts; we don’t sell powerful weapons, we don’t sell faster vehicles necessarily, and we don’t sell better shields or grenades or that kind of stuff. Outfits or helmets or hats or headgear or boosts, so if I want to get somewhere faster so that I can get my ego-rating up faster, I can decide to purchase that. If I wanted it for my group, I can decide to purchase that. If I wanted it for my clan, I can decide to purchase that. So that’s a lot of the stuff we are really looking at under the micro transactions.