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September 2016 - Destiny: Rise of Iron

Since its launch in September 2014, Destiny has defied even ambitious estimates regarding its potential reach, blossoming to tens of millions of registered users. Players have embraced the distant future setting, which sees a beleaguered humanity struggling against innumerable alien threats across a solar system that witnessed Earth’s golden age pass long ago. With its upcoming September release, Bungie is shifting focus, exploring the history of legendary heroes who sealed away a deadly threat, and allowing players to join that same order of warriors as the threat reemerges. We traveled to Bungie’s studio to get the full scoop on Rise of Iron, the expansion that launches Destiny’s third and final year before a sequel. We played it, interviewed its creators, and dug deep into everything from the latest PvP game modes to the new raid, and even learned about where Bungie is heading in the months after Rise of Iron launches.

July 2016 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

With its annual installments, the Call of Duty franchise is constantly tackling the challenge of reinventing itself while retaining the strong elements that put it on the first-person shooter map. In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward preserves the strong ground combat elements from past games while also bringing bold new changes to bear by taking the battle into space.

June 2016 - Dishonored 2

Last E3, Dishonored 2 blinked onto the Bethesda Showcase stage with a promising teaser trailer showing the next deadly threat in the Corvo Attano bloodline – empress Emily Kaldwin – only to disappear from the public eye as fast as an assassin after a stealth kill. Last month, we traveled to Arkane Studios headquarters in Lyon, France to see the elusive game in action for the first time. We watched both Emily and Corvo move through a previously unseen district of the city of Karnaca, showcasing their new and improved supernatural powers.

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