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Log Date: 12/8/09
File Name: Cover Reveal
Location: …/logs/confidential/deadspace2/gicover.ds2

File Name: Staring Into The Void: The Lore of Dead Space
Location: …/logs/lore/stareintothevoid.gio

Log Date: 12/10/09
File Name: The Horror Influence
Location: ../themarkersinfluence/vii.vid

Log Date: 12/11/09
File Name: Noises in the Dark: Exploring the Sound of Dead Space
Location: ../scream/hivemind.mp6

Log Date: 12/14/09
File Name: EA Games Campus Video Tour
Location: ../ea/campustour/vid.gio

File Name: Visceral Speaks
Location: [root]/interviews/visceral/classified/vs.vid

Log Date: 12/16/09
File Name: The Evolution of a Necromorph
Location: WARNING! File source indeterminable.

Log Date: 12/18/09
File Name: Anatomy of a Character
Location: ../biology/a/o/a/char.gio -ds2

Log Date: 12/22/09
File Name: Explore Dead Space 2 in 3D
Location: \\[Core.System.Override]\ThirdDimension\

Log Date: 12/27/09
File Name: Special Edition Podcast
Location: /b/podcasts/archive/2009/12/24/special-edition-podcast-dead-space-2

...I.Clarke Notes...

Dead Space 2 is the featured game on the cover of our January 2010 issue, and this online hub is where you can get the inside info.

Come back to this page throughout the month for features that complement our exclusive cover story. We’ll chat with the Dead Space 2 development team at Visceral Games, highlight various stages of the design process, and take a detailed look at what it takes to create a terrifying experience that continues to raise the bar for video game horror.