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X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Gree And Marvel Team Up For X-Men: Battle Of The Atom

Marvel is planning a major comic book event in celebration of the X-Men's 50th anniversary.  In conjunction, Gree is releasing X-Men: Battle of the Atom this fall on iOS and Android.

The free-to-play card game will feature hundreds of cards with characters at different points in the timeline. The title will feature original art and will grow with expansions over time.

You can check out the Steve Blum-narrated trailer below.

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  • only mobile :(

  • Why don't you release a console X-Men game. I haven't had anything halfway descent since X-Men Origins Wolverine (Raven Software) and that to me is pathetic.
  • This is kind of odd because of the Marvel card game that is already out that encompasses a lot of the Xmen characters.

  • This is an awesome mashup

  • That is awesome, the X-Men have so much history that they can visit! That leaves so much potential for the variety of the characters and potential matchups; as a big X-Men fan it's making me swoon!

    Has anyone been playing Gree's game War of Nations? It's really fun.
  • "A card battle game"


    The song playing in the background was nice, I hope it's in the game's ost.

  • X-Men are better than Avengers. But for some wacky reason 1/2 the X-Men are also avengers now. Rouge was never meant to be an Avenger! Don't twist my horses, but I really love the Avengers despite them getting all the attention.