Gazillion Entertainment is getting set to release the free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes, and the company has just unveiled a release timeframe for the title, as well as details on how you can start the game playing as your favorite super hero.

Marvel Heroes is slated to come out this spring, and when it does, those who join the game's Founders Program will get a leg up.

While Gazillion says that players of the game will be able to earn "nearly" all of the game's heroes and costumes for free just by playing (as well as purchase them with the in-game currency), if you'd rather hit the ground running right at launch, you can join Heroes' Founders Program and pay for Starter or Premium packs, as well as drop almost $200 on the Ultimate Pack, at a discount.

There are 16 Starter Packs, 7 Premium Packs, and 1 Ultimate Pack to choose from. Individually, they cost $19.99, $59.99, and $199.99, respectively.

A Starter pack gives you your choice of one of 16 heroes (including Spider-Man, Thor, Colossus, Iron Man, Jean Grey, and more), early access to the game, in-game currency, and other goodies. The Premium packs are similar, but come with specific groups of four heroes (like select heroes from the Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, etc.) and earlier access to the game, more in-game currency, etc. Finally, the Premium Pack gives you all the game's characters and costumes planned to be included at launch, a week of early access, and more.

For additional details about the game and the Founders Program, check out Marvel Heroes' official site.