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The Undertaker's Streak Is On The Line In New WWE 2K14 Mode

Let's just put aside for a moment that WWE matches are scripted. The Undertaker has a perfect 21-0 record at Wrestlemania, and both the WWE and 2K Sports are celebrating that alongside the 30th anniversary of wrestling's main event.

This year, players will be a able to step into the ring as The Undertaker (or against him) to either defend or break the streak. Defending the streak puts players into the ring in a "slobberknocker" match.

As the Dead Man, you'll take on an endless stream of opponents. There's no health reset in between, and eventually you're going to lose. The Streak mode will track your stats, including finishers and reversals and upload them to a leaderboard.

Alternatively, players can choose to defeat the streak. Any superstar (real or created) can step into the ring against an ultra-powerful Undertaker. Not only is the difficulty turned way up, but you'll have to face a bag of tricks unlike any other playable match in WWE game history. 

During a match we saw, the lights randomly went out and Undertaker disappeared. He suddenly reappeared behind us, getting himself out of a potentially match-ending situation. Creative director Corey Ledesma told us that even members of the WWE 2K14 team have a hard time beating Undertaker in this mode.

Regardless of whether you come out victorious or rest in peace, your performance can be uploaded to the leaderboards. Of course, your friends will know if you take on the Dead Man as Kane or a diva, so degree of difficulty will certainly play into it.

WWE 2K14 is going to feature the biggest roster in franchise history, a walk down Wrestlemania memory lane, new creation and customization features, and Ultimate Warrior. You'll be able to bring it home on October 25, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Boy, this game is looking like a big, giant love letter to wrestling fans. I don't much follow wrestling anymore, but even I'm intrigued by this.

    I do love the fact that Undertaker still has his streak though. Even though you're right, Mike, that wrestling is scripted, I think it really speaks to the respect everyone in that organization has for Mr. Calloway. As a booked accomplishment, his streak is greater than any world title reign ever, and I'd say it puts him in the top two or three wrestlers in history.

    It's an interesting question that this game mode presents though: should the Streak be broken at some point, or should Taker retire with it intact?
  • I for one am not going to believe the hype until the day it comes out and the reviews hit. yes they can showcase all these vids on whats it and what not, the more they show the more I think its a shorter "story" version. but for what its worth the caw community will save this game which is the main reason im interested in buying it. I am not going to get overly excited till GI gives this game atleast a 9.. but knowing them they'll say 7.5 based on the fact they cant afford to even attend a WWE event!
  • This will either work, or be the cheapest mode ever.
    Gimmicks such as: I need one good superkick and he's done, but the games turns off my controller and I get tombstoned. Taker gets the pin.
  • This is the wrestling game I have been waiting for. It is about time.

  • Shocked not to see Dan Ryckert's name attached to this one. What IS he writing lately?

  • this is awesome