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Ultimate Warrior Returns To The Ring As Pre-Order Bonus

There has been hope among fans that the Ultimate Warrior might get his due in a new annual WWE title for years. The "Founding Father of Life Intensity" had been waging a number of lawsuits with the WWE, and until he was included in the arcade-style WWE All-Stars, hope seemed all but lost. Fans knew to "Always Believe." Their faith has paid off.

Ultimate Warrior is returning from Parts Unknown to join the roster of WWE 2K14. If you want to see him in the ring though, you'll need to pre-order. The annual WWE franchise has used marquee personalities to move early copies for the past few years, with Mike Tyson, The Rock, and Bret "Hitman" Hart motivating fans to buy early.

Click to enlarge.

We've got the first look at the (hilarious) Ultimate Warrior trailer below. You'll be able to let him manhandle you on October 29, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

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  • Look at that hair!  Oh man, the 80's (especially for wrestling) were such an interesting time.  

  • Awesome. When I tell my friend this, he'll freak out (he's an 80's/90's wrestling freak).

  • Aw man, my brother is going to freak out about this. Ultimate Warrior was always his favorite.

  • Already was going to be pre ordered now that's definitely something to look forward too!

  • amazing!!!!! yes!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT.

  • "Click to enlarge" erm Mike, he can't get much bigger.....

  • Can't wait for the Iron Sheik to hear the news.
  • Looks like the same character model they used in WWE Legends of Wrestlemania.

  • It was lacking insestuious  accusations regarding the Hulk and his daughter. Severely disappointed.

  • For the young guns/non-US citizens here:


    it is required watching material when speaking about the Ultimate Warrior

  • I am the mustard of your doom!

  • That was hilarious!  I really enjoyed that little promo, and I had no intentions of pre-ordering this game, but now I have to seriously consider it.  I usually get each new installment, just not on day one.  I loved the Ultimate Warrior so this may be enough to rope me in.

  • Pretty amazing. That video got me excited. I'll have to preorder this now.

  • It's funny. I thought the look of Ultimate Warrior was strange with the gameplay they showed with it, but turns out they got it pretty spot on.

    Edit: Unlike Booker T's model in '13. That one looked racist.
  • Even without the hair, he looks like a total badass!

  • The years could have been kinder to him

  • Very cool.

    1. He reminded me of Sting with his short hair

    2. He still looks bad a$$

    3. I wish they would stop with the Annual WWE games. Just make 1-2 really great wrestling games per console cycle and keep em current with yearly/bi-yearly updates. It's like paying 60.00 a year for Madden and all you're really getting is a roster update and Minor Gameplay tweaks....
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