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WWE 2K14

Cover Art And Teaser Trailer Revealed

Tonight on WWE Raw, eager fans got their first look at the cover of the first game coming under the 2K Sports banner. We've know that The Rock would adorn the cover of WWE 2K14, but with microphone raised high, the People's Champ is definitely making a statement.

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If you don't like the art, 2K Games is running a contest. Your creation can be featured as an alternate cover. We've also got the first teaser trailer, which shows off Superstars both contemporary and legendary.  

WWE 2K14 will be available on October 29, 2013, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • that stuff is so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kinda weird considering he barely wrestles, but i guess they're trying to capitalize on his movie fame.
  • The Rock is yummmmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!

  • Looks like the cover to a karaoke game, honestly.
  • sounds like I need to take a stroll down Jabroni Boulevard and open up a can of whoop-ass!

  • It actually looks pretty cool. I lost all interest in wresling games, though, when they started to heavily weird out the grapple system.

    EDIT: Damn computer double posting.
  • Didn't even bother to update the graphics engine? It looks like something the original Xbox is capable of handling... Same tired gameplay I'm assuming for such a rushed product.
  • Ahh MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! OOOOOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAAHHH! I cannot wait! The game looks great, especially the double Shellshock and Military Press Sweet Chin Music!! So glad 2K got this series!

  • "Mister, I think you better take your gay porn and get on outa here"
  • Two things. One: The graphics seem mediocre compared to those shots they used from real life, and two: I enjoy seeing the Rock getting beat up.

  • Apparently he's smokin' eh? :p
  • He has gorgeous quads, but I wonder how difficult it is for him to shop for pants.

  • Breaking news! The new WWE game has a shirtless angry bald guy wearing a speedo on the cover.

  • I am sorry, i was a big wwe fan when i was little with triple h , kane and undertaker, stint , hardley brother , tripple h , when the rock first started , andrew the giant .. Etc.. But i felt in love with MMA, now i can get my head back into watching wwe
  • I still a wwe fan but man those graphics don't look good at all.  Ony wrestling games I enjoyed were on ps2  and n64

  • What, Dan on vacation or something? Seems like he'd be the first to post this stuff lol.
  • Why is the Rock still on the cover? He's not competing anymore this year... he's shooting Hercules and Fast 7 until at least the Fall. It's not like he's gonna show up at Summerslam or Survivor Series. ONE of these days, they're gonna have to put someone like Daniel Bryan on the cover, you know. A newer guy.

    Oh well, at least Ziggler got some love in the trailer. He's definitely one of the few highlights they have going on currently. Shame about his concussion - having to hand the belt over to Del Rio was lame :(

    At any rate, glad to see the inaugural 2K WWE game... but I am eager to see what next year's game looks like far more. Once Visual Concepts starts producing assets for Yuke's... and heck, probably does the programming/engineering on their next gen sports engine. Yuke's has been rocking some dated tech for a looooong time now. Their UFC games looked way better, and partly because the assets were made here in the West and engines were co-developed by studios like Kung Fu Factory and THQ San Diego. I want to see that kind of east/west collaboration from 2K in the future, because the current WWE games... well, they need it.
  • My eyes!

  • put a soda can instead of a would make it hilarious lol

  • The Rock is the man! The cover is awesome!
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