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Wolfenstein: The New Order

New Trailer Plays It Quiet Then Gets Noisy

Wolfenstein: The New Order offers a variety of play styles (along with a related perk system we detailed in a recent preview). This new look at an early level shows how BJ can quietly infiltrate a Nazi base. It also shows how he can light the place up with gunfire and explosives.

The trailer is set to two different Neumond Recordings tracks, the alternate history period music that Bethesda and Machine Games have commissioned for the title. Wolfenstein: The New Order will be out on May 20 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

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  • Man I hope this game is good, because it looks fun as hell!

  • that would be awesome if they brought back Bj's face to the HUD. maybe seeing the expressions on his face picking up a good gun or having his face be all bloodied from low health would be cool!.
  • The guns in this look awesome.
  • This game looks so rad. I hope it turns out be a as rad as it looks, or I will have to cry manly tears.

  • I wasn't going to get this, but each trailer I seen is making me change my stance. Looking forward to the end of May. Three games that are going to make my wallet cry.
  • This game looks alright but it also looks like a combination of various other games.

  • I wasn't going to get this...but the more and more I see of this game the more I want it. It looks hella fun

  • I desperately want this to be the in-game music.

  • After hearing the announcement of this game all I could think was "blah another FPS." After seeing the trailers though, I think it looks fun as hell!

  • BJ is a terrible, terrible nickname. At least the Nazis get a BJ to blow them up.
  • Stealth looks a little subpar, and the AI could use a little bit of improvement, but otherwise the game looks pretty fun.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we've officially surpassed Bulletstorm level of silliness in gunplay. REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love all the mayhem, can't wait to destroy nazi scum. LOVE the throwing knives.Mayhem route... yes, please!

  • Is it only me or is there an issue with the video reader on Chrome ?
  • I wasn't interested in this game until I started seeing footage. Lookin' pretty good!

  • looks awesome!

  • Two best things that have sold me on this game, single player only, and multiple paths to levels. It looks amazing cannot wait till the 20th, I have a whole week to burn through it before I have to split my time between this and Watch Dogs.

  • Wow. This looks amazing.

  • Let's kill some nazis...looks awesome!

  • Looks almost generic but also has interesting characters and a possibly thrilling story. Should be interesting enough otherwise I just bought a $60 doom beta... WORTH IT!!!

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