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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Bethesda Delves Into An Alternate Musical History

The 1960s as presented in Wolfenstein: The New Order is an era dominated by the Nazi empire. The entire world has been overrun by Berlin’s forces, having wide-reaching implications for society. Besides military domination, Germany dictates global culture, including popular music.

Neumond Recordings, a record label in Machine Games’ fictional Wolfenstein world, is offering a collection of popular music from the 60s. You can stream the tracks from

The title is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. For more on Wolfenstein, check out a recent preview.

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  • I love things like this. All the developer diaries ever aren't worth one clip of media directly from the game's world.
  • So the whole world loves Germany? Kinda odd that above music/commercial is in english.
  • Holy crap this is wild,I like it though.

    Hoping the game turns out good.

  • Really want to listen, but all I can find is this trailer. The link just sends me to Bethesda's website.

  • Now THAT'S a good/ new, really weird but still cool way of alternate reality. Never really seen anyone do something like this before, but now I sorta wish there was.

  • Brilliant. Excellent way to start immersing us gamers into the game's story and context.

  • LOL!! This is fantastic! "Remembuh Hans?" Oh man they have my interest, that's for sure!


  • Kinda creepy, imagining if the Nazi's won and all of the great music that would have never come to be.
  • Mod

    I love this kind of music! It's awesome that they are doing this.

  • Wow.. This really makes me wanna kill those nazis...

  • You know, every trailer until now has painted the Nazi's as Subhuman monsters hell bent on destruction, torture, and every military. All the sudden they throw a trailer our way making them seem human, and frankly not too much different from us. The songs don't even sound like propaganda. One of the songs (from what little German I know) translates literally to "Train to Hamburg" That doesn't sound like propaganda at all. Just kinda interesting this new spin on how they are portraying the Nazis.
  • Man they really know how to make me want to kill nazis

  • This is great. The Comet Tails obviously a play on The Beach Boys. Cant wait to kill some Nazis.