The past year has seen huge leaps for mobile gaming, with a bevy of card and board games that are perfect fits for tablets and phones. Rodeo Games, who previously developed the tactics-focused, space-themed Hunters series, is adding its name to the list of impressive mobile tabletop developers today with the release of Warhammer Quest.

The popular Games Workshop Warhammer franchise has seen a number of board game iterations, and Warhammer Quest was a smart choice for Rodeo. The title features a number of different dungeon-based quests with tactical combat, smart party management, and all the loot dungeon-lovers crave. 

As with most board game adaptations, the rule management and dice rolls are handled under the hood. This leaves players free to enjoy the action in dungeons and party customization in towns (which are introduced with gorgeous pop-up animations). The presentation is smooth, with visuals that take advantage of the Retina display quite well. One of the most interesting features is the use of orientation to access the inventory. By tilting from landscape to portrait, the view changes instantly to allow party management and loot inspection.

For those that like things a bit more challenging, a hardcore mode offers up XCOM-style opportunities to mourn fallen comrades. In-app purchases that are available right now extend the experience with more playable characters and additional quests. These aren't immediately necessary though, as the base content for the $4.99 price of entry seems to offer good value.

Warhammer Quest, available from the App Store, is compatible with iPod Touch 4th Generation and up, iPhone 4 and up, iPad with Retina Display, and iPad mini.