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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV Video Shows Off Upcoming Changes And Refinements

Ultra Street Fighter IV, the upcoming Street Fighter IV upgrade, adds characters and lots of changes, and a new video from Capcom showcases many of them in detail.

You'll see the new Red Focus in action, which lets you absorb multiple hits and get out of tight spots, the ability to use both of a character's ultra combos in a round, changes to the way team battles work, and the new ability to practice and train online.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available as an add-on to Street Fighter IV for $14.99, and as a new retail release for $29.99 sometime in August. For more trailers and video from Ultra Street Fighter IV, head here.

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  • 3 characters for 15 dollars. thanks no.
  • Why not just work on 5 and not sell this over priced edition remakes. I know people will buy it, but I wish they wouldn't so they can stop making these.
  • So when's Super Ultra Mega Legendary Street Fighter IV: 4th Edition coming out?
  • Super Star Ultra Mega Street Fighter IV for 2015! Calling it now. :P
  • How many times can u continue to release the same game with "updates"...smh. I stopped caring about street fighter 4 after they released the 2nd version of the game. Come on capcom lets make something completely new.
  • They should do something like Tekken Tag Tournament next. As in, a sort of dream-team game with every character from the Street Fighter series, and maybe throw in some brand-new characters.
  • I'm tempted to go back but I've become fully invested into Killer instinct.
  • GET HYPE!!!!!!!!!

  • Why didn't they mention delayed wake up? It's the biggest change in my opinion. Going to break the current meta of the vortex as king.
  • Get ready for the "newest" and "latest" update for Street Fighter IV! New colors! "Brand New" characters! New fighting mechanics and all new hyper combo colors! Tired of old plain Ken? Well now you can play as Ken but in Ryu's colors! Go for broke (literally)! This battle has been over since 2009 but we at Capcom are not giving up! Street Fighter V? Pfffft why wait for that in 2024 when we can keep updating our best seller?! Tired of Ultra Street Fighter IV within the first hour? Then you gotta try Ultra Mega Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Champion Deluxe Legendary Limited Edition MAX Fourth Strike 3D Complete Edition within a month after Ultra Super Street Fighter IV with Alternate Colors when pre ordering and even three more characters from the original, such as Alex! But hold on! Why buy it for current gen when we can improve for Next Gen?! Same style but next gen! Don't forget to pick up your CD soundtrack to listen to the same songs you have been hearing ever since 2009! Pre-Order today!
  • Seriously guys, anyone actually read the article? it's $29.99 if you didn't own Super Street Fighter 4 and want to jump in now, if you already own Super Street Fighter 4, you can download the update as DLC for $15. EA should do roster update for their sports games this way.
  • All these changes seem solid. Honestly, I'm more excited about the unrevealed character, but that's mostly because this is still half a year out. I'm still working on my current game skills, I don't need to be worrying about changes down the road.

    I'll also apologize if I came off as harsh in any of my responses, but so many people just see a new iteration of IV and freak out on Capcom. If you actually take a step back and look at the time frames, and the logical reasons for their decisions, it makes a lot of sense. I'll admit, before I got into the series, I thought it was a little silly too. But there's a reason why 'casual' players shouldn't be judging a hardcore fighting game. Once you get that fire burning to be the best, you'll understand.

  • Mod

    This is a great deal in comparison to others I've seen in the past. Nonetheless, I'm really burnt out of Street Fighter, and I've been playing the franchise religiously. Cool to see Poison though. I hope they bring back another classic fighter for the Omega Orochi Collector's Anniversary Edition. I'd love to see R. Mika and Retsu.

  • they still havent made any new stages. or rebooted any  from past streefighter games. like vegas cage from turbo.

  • I hope is for PS4.

  • Yes mam

  • Ultra Hyper Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ultra HD Remix

  • Street fighter is one of my favorite fighting games. A perfect game to plat these holidays.