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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV, Will Include New Characters And Stages

During EVO 2013, Capcom announced that Street Fighter IV will be receiving five new characters, new stages, and new balancing in the form of DLC. That DLC will turn the game into Ultra Street Fighter IV, or you can buy the Ultra version of the game at retail.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be releasing early next year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can buy the DLC for $14.99 to upgrade your copy of Street Fighter IV to the Ultra version of the game, or you can buy a new retail version of the game for $39.99, and it will include all of the DLC.

The announcement trailer for the sort of new game showcases four of the five new characters. You can check it out below.

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  • Much rather would've enjoyed an ultra version of SFxT honestly.
  • Well....I don't own SF4 so screw it!I'll pick it up......

  • Nice DLC characters (or what little we've seen of them) but I’m sticking with Chun-Li.
  • So a Gold/Complete Edition essentially? Most games do this already, so it doesn't seem like a big surprise.
  • Mod
    Still can't whoop Sagat though.

  • Oh how I suck at 2D fighters (other than Smash Bros). I got SFIV on PS+ and I have hardly touched it...the only character I can do anything with is Zangief. I'm still hoping for a Tekken x Street Fighter and bringing this cast into a 3D fighter. But until then, I'll stay to my Soul Calibur and occasional Tekken.
  • If this includes everything from Super and Arcade I might get it.
  • Son of a b!tch.

  • Glad I skipped over Arcade Edition.
  • I want to get this, but I'm afraid that when I do, they will release another version with more content.
  • So many of them.

  • I will definitely pick this up :)

  • i think i'm going to get this when i get money

  • No surprise. You can practically sleep on a Capcom fighter if you've got the time.
  • I think I'll wait for Super Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

  • If this game came to the Wii U, I would definitely buy it. I don't have an XBOX 360 or PS3, so this means that I can't buy this game now. :(

  • SF4, Super SF4, SF4 3D Edition, and now SF4 Ultra... Really?
  • Ultra Super Street Fighter IV Turbo HD Remix Arcade Edition: Hyper Fighting New Challengers

  • Been a while since I've played this, but I'm pretty sure Hugo is already in the game. Now I'm gonna have to play it to see hahaa
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