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Transformers: War For Cybertron Character Profile -- Starscream

We've already given you the lowdown on the esteemed leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons, Optimus Prime and Megatron, but for our final Transformers: War For Cybertron character profile, we wanted to take a look at a true fan favorite. Enter Megatron's ever-scheming second-in-command, Starscream. You can see his powerful jet form above and his newly-designed robot form below.

Cartoon watchers who were introduced to Starscream in the '80s were immediately drawn to his sneaky, deceitful nature. Despite being arguably the highest-ranking member of the Decepticons besides Megatron, Starscream is deadset on taking the top spot, and he makes no efforts to hide it. But the original cartoon never really attempted to explain why Starscream was on such a power trip nor why Megatron kept him around despite that. War For Cybertron's prequel story lends itself perfectly to fleshing out these motivations.

The first mission of the Decepticon campaign will chronicle the first meeting between Megatron and Starscream aboard a space station that orbits Cybertron. This dramatic encounter will culminate in one of the Decepticons defecting only to be replaced by an eager Starscream. Despite teaming up with the Decepticons, Starscream will make it clear that in his mind both Megatron and Optimus Prime are failing to keep the best interests of all of Cybertron in their minds.

As one of the handful of Transformers that can change into a jet, Starscream will also have the special Hover ability while in robot form. His other special ability, Shockwave, sounds like it will be perfect for handling large groups of enemies.

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  • That's sweet, keep em coming.

  • looks pretty cool to me

  • loks awsome cant wait to get the game

  • Alright.  So, when is Hasbro gonna start hookin' us up with toyz?

  • I still miss the old F-15..

  • true fan favorite is much of an understatement.  decepticons for life fool!

  • I'm screaming with anticipation for this star of a game to come out.

  • Dang those are wicked looking

  • looks good starscream is fun to watch even if he prob not every get to be the leader at all. I really want to get this so far.

  • I loved starscream

    Kinda wish yall did a ratchet model instead, though beggars cant be choosers

    & i will definitely beg for this game

  • i know i shouldn't post this... but why does this gam evn exist, what is the point, how much actual playing time can you get on this game, why would you waste money on this game, and i know that "if you don't like it, then why are you here" thing, but still poeple, come on!

  • starscream was always my favorite =)

  • concept is good. gameplay is better.

  • Love starscream!

  • @qmaster2012: It's still way too early to tell how long the game will be in single-player, but the plan is for both competitive multiplayer and co-op to be big parts of the game as well. If they can pull off making those awesome, it seems like you could put a lot of time into the game, so I'm not sure what you mean.

  • Starscream rules.

  • Starscream looks cool again!!!! *cough*(No thanks to hollywood movies) *cough*

  • These look so much better than their movie counterparts.

  • nice

  • Awesome art, I think he looks better than Megatron's art.

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