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Transformers: War For Cybertron Character Profile – Megatron

Last week, we kicked off our group of exclusive Transformers: War For Cybertron character profiles by showing you High Moon Studios' interpretation of Optimus Prime. Who better next than his evil opposite, the Decepticon leader, Megatron. Take a look at his new tank form above as well as some new info and his vehicle form below.

As the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron has a goal that fans of the cartoons know all too well: to win control of Cybertron for his faction and exterminate the Autobots. Throughout War For Cybertron, he will be searching for the means to achieve this end, a mysterious substance known as Dark Energon.

Just in case Megatron's attitude didn't make him imposing enough, his frame certainly should. The whole of his right arm is covered by a giant fusion cannon, a powerful one-of-a-kind weapon that can destroy a whole city block with a single blast. This power will be on display throughout War For Cybertron as Megatron launches powerful attacks against his enemies, including a brutal sacking of the Autobot home city of Iacon.

Though Megatron will greatly reward loyalty, he's also not concerned with destroying supporters the second they let him down. As such, he's got the helpful ability to Mark Targets (an ability he shares with Optimus Prime) but also the more selfish Drain ability, which will presumably allow him to take the power from his enemies and use it to fuel himself. When switching to vehicle mode, Megatron transforms into a powerful hovering tank that also puts his powerful fusion cannon to use.

For more Transformers coverage, stay tuned to Game Informer for the next two weeks. We've got one more fan-favorite character profile coming as well as a batch of video interviews and features that showcase art and screenshots from the new game. You can keep up with all the latest at our War For Cybertron hub.

  • Omg he looks freaking amazing

  • i'm loving the art. but i want some gameplay footage.

  • awesome!

  • Mod

    Now thats a gun XD

  • This game has really caught my intrest.

  • These are some amazing character designs, this and Optimus Prime both!  I wish I had seen them before today, I didn't even know they were making a game like this.

    Here's hoping for some attention to detail and care taken in making the game so that it does what the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum has begun for license tie-in games.

  • YES! i want it.


  • Ultra sharp. I like Megatron.

  • Wow. This game is exactly what I have been hoping for. A legit Transformers game that won't be watered down by the hollywood movies. Yes!!!!!

  • yummy

  • I cant wait for this game to come out I will be the 1st online to play it

  • ^^^ Exactly.  I'm tired of Hollywood messing with my beloved childhood memories.

  • He's looking fierce.

  • I am a transformer's fan and this look's awesome the movies were just horrible. This game look's really cool.

  • This is not as cool looking as I'd hoped for, which is surprising.  I don't know what it is that is so disappointing about it either, which brings up the interesting question of what about design makes people either like or dislike.  What is it about Megatron's design that disappoints me?

  • Show Starscream's bio, now..."Do as I SAY!" (family guy reference)lol.

  • !mhuahauahahahaaaa!

  • Holy Crap.  I've always liked the decepticons better.  Dunno why.  But this... This just pushes it to the limit.  AWESOME

  • His stance and sad face :( ruins it.

    Now i just need some gameplay.

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