Namco-Bandai has released a prologue video for Touch My Katamari, which makes about as much sense as the spandex-wearing weirdo in this screenshot.

Confession time: I've never actually played a Katamari game. From what I gather, the series revolves around (pun most definitely intended) rolling around a giant ball of crap. That's cool; I'm not one to judge someone else's idea of a good time, and ultimately rolling crap balls is probably a healthier activity than shooting people in the face for six hours straight. So it's from this noncritical perspective that I present to you the Touch My Katamari prologue, which explains how the above mutant freak of nature will save all of humanity. With balls of crap.

Also, check out the screens below. If that's not enough Touch My Katamari for you, check out this intro video.