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Touch My Katamari

New Touch My Katamari Video Is As Ridiculous As Ever

Namco-Bandai has released a prologue video for Touch My Katamari, which makes about as much sense as the spandex-wearing weirdo in this screenshot.

Confession time: I've never actually played a Katamari game. From what I gather, the series revolves around (pun most definitely intended) rolling around a giant ball of crap. That's cool; I'm not one to judge someone else's idea of a good time, and ultimately rolling crap balls is probably a healthier activity than shooting people in the face for six hours straight. So it's from this noncritical perspective that I present to you the Touch My Katamari prologue, which explains how the above mutant freak of nature will save all of humanity. With balls of crap.

Also, check out the screens below. If that's not enough Touch My Katamari for you, check out this intro video.

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  • W T F
  • For some reason every time I see this game I can't stop thinking of fried squid.

  • Doesn't Dan Ryckert love Katamari? You better watch your back, Jeff.
  • Always enjoyed Katamari. This is probably the strangest thing I've seen from them, though! Still very odd. Still oddly funny.

  • I think its alright to experiment with acid while you design a game.

  • "Are like the same!" :O

    the kings reaction was hilarious!

  • What just happened?
  • You could see that ugly dudes private just bulging out. Ya know not that i normally stare there 0_o
  • That cold hearted WENCH! How dare she compare the valiant, courageous, and handsome King of All Cosmos to a lowly school principal! SHE HATH BROUGHT THE FURY OF A THOUSAND RAGING SUNS DOW UPON HER AND HER FAMILY!

  • The King of all Cosmos' reaction was awesome.

  • What the hell just happened???

  • That kids face was entirely too close to his mime dads bulge.

  • Wow... I can't think of a better word for this. Also, considering the bizarre title, I'd be far more interested in the inevitable sequel to this game, preliminarily titled "For the Love of God Please Keep Your Hands Off My Katamari."

  • That was like watching a fever dream!

  • my katamari is now 60 cm long! O_O

  • ???????????? WHY DO i feel like i have yo pick this game up now
  • OOOOOO, You touch my TA LA LA
  • Katamari is all things zany, eccentric, and doozy-ish!

  • I cant belive they havent changed the name yet.Oh wait I can.

  • This series never fails to creep me out.

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