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Total War: Rome II

Plan Your Strategy With Total War: Rome II's Tech Tree

Each faction in Total War: Rome II has its own tech tree that features special advancements that will allow players to tailor their battle strategies in various ways. The game doesn't release until next week, but you can start planing your worldwide conquest right now.

Creative Assembly recently posted a giant panoramic graphic on the Total War Wiki. Check it out here.

Total War: Rome II releases on September 3. Check out a few of the game's most recent trailers here and here.

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  • This is neat.  Gearing up and getting ready to dominate.

  • Soo close preloading now!!!!

  • Sweeet!
  • I can't wait to conquer in this game! This game has a major facelift, compared to the first one. The graphics on it look great.

  • Preloaded and ready for the 3rd. Wish i could take off work. Tuesday is going to go by so slow!!

  • Wish my computer could handle it. Still, maybe this Christmas I'll have the good fortune to get an upgrade.
  • Can't wait to play!

  • If only I had a PC that could play this game.

  • Pretty cool.