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Total War: Rome II

Hannibal's Assault In Total War: Rome II

A strategy game like Total War: Rome II is all about choices, and this latest trailer shows some of the ways you can invade Rome.

While Roman senators dither and argue about which way Hannibal might go, gamers can access their own strategic invasion options. Apparently in real life, Hannibal did take the hard road from the north over the alps and succeeded in his early battles against the Roman republic.

For another look at the game, check out this trailer on its factions, and you can also start planning your own assault with an online interactive map.

Total War: Rome II comes out for PC on September 3.

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  • OK I'm in a rough spot.. pre-order this or GTA V...
  • This is part of his design.

  • 'Carthage must be punished.'

  • Looks awesome, I recently developed the urge to play some strategy games like this or Civ V, but alas, my MacBook Pro cannot play these games for one reason or another.
  • The Punic Wars are one of my most favorite parts of history. I cannot wait to play this game.
  • This looks awesome.

  • For victory!!!

  • Hannibal, you can attempt to attack my fair city of Rome from whichever direction you desire. In the end, I am still going to crush you with my vast legions.

  • I am so excited for this! Rome for the win!

  • I really wish a game like this was available on consoles.
  • is it september 3rd yet?

  • this looks so good

  • Carthage... So many options, so little time! Rome shall burn!