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Total War: Rome II

Plan Your Total War: Rome II Campaign With Interactive Online Map

Sega and Creative Assembly have a new online map that allows you to get a head start on planning your campaign for Total War: Rome II.

The Total War online interactive map (pictured above) can be found here. Once you're on, you can select a faction and begin plotting out which territories you want to conquer – and even post your campaign to your Facebook page.

Total War: Rome II will release on September 3 for PC.

  • Awesome stuff! :)

  • Boudica will march on Rome, and hell will follow..

  • wow cool I can play Sparta and relive the 300! oh wait... that didn't turn out so well for them...
  • Cool

  • I need to build a decent gaming desktop so I can buy this!!!

  • Crush the germanic tribes in north first....then go south to africa
  • Well, let me think back to how I played the first game: Kill whatever is closest first.

  • Planning... now

  • Glad to see the the Rome 2 map has been expanded from the one in the original game. It still isn't as big as the world map in Europa Babarorum -an amazing mod for the first Rome Total War- but it's definitely an improvement on the first in terms of size. Being able to conquer the world as far as the edge of India will be a blast for sure

    It seems Italy has significantly fewer provinces this time..I guess this makes sense now that the Romans aren't split between three different factions. I'm kind of disappointing there doesn't appear to be an Iberian (Spanish tribesmen) faction. It served as a nice obstacle to Carthage's expansion in the early turns of the first game.
  • lol, there is a settlement named Arse in Iberia (I am both saddened by my amusement at this and still amused when thinking about it)