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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Making History In Tiger 13's New Mode

Tiger Woods has done a lot of things in his golfing career, and now you can relive those moments (the golfing ones, to be clear) – and play into the future – in Tiger 13's new Legacy mode.

This standalone mode (apart from the Masters career mode) lets you play through a variety of moments in Tiger's golfing career from a gifted toddler to the man who one day might break Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors. Ten different eras in his life are covered through six versions of Tiger, and some will last longer than others. Those who complete his entire career will get a special bonus for their feat.

For more on the game, take a look at its new swing mechanics and Kinect integration. You can also check out my feature analyzing the various gameplay changes the franchise has undergone through the years.

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  • That looks like fun!

  • Just the GOLFING moments? DARN IT!
  • Can't wait to get to the porn star part

  • kids got a big head
  • Question: Will players be able to cheat on wife?

  • This is so dumb...
  • a very cool idea

  • Will there be an achievement for sleeping with a waitress from Perkins?
  • Not knocking the series but I think it is good enough not to stoop to gimmicks like this

  • okay real furure tige: ahh yeah honey get back to bed uh haa un ha nasdhsdhfdusf yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs iill pay you just comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccck haa ha ah

  • lololol like well.... its already been said enough

  • Does this mode also include all the 19 women that he slept with and allows us a chance to not get caught by his wife?

    Cause if it does, dude I am so getting my first golf game since the PS2 Hot Shots Golf!

  • Dude's doing it all wrong... using a driver in the sandbox...

  • They realize the year is 2012 and this is the second month in it right?

  • Looks fun. Not really sure if I'd actually play it though, but I bet it appeals to a ton of golf fans out there.

  • I wonder if they would downgrade all the stats that you worked hard to earn once the multitudes of women start to surface? Because that's basically what ended up happening.