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Garrett Reemerges With New Screens & Artwork In Tow

Thief is locked in for a February 25, 2014, release date, and is currently on display at Gamescom. Game Informer will be bringing you updated impressions of the game along with an interview with key Eidos-Montreal dev team members over the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out how Garrett's stealthy adventure is shaping up in a batch of new screenshots and artwork.

Make sure you take a good look at the Baron images to see how evil eyebrows are rendered on next-gen hardware.

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  • Wait, so is that guy with beard Garrett?
  • This game is gonna be soooo rad!

  • wish he didn't look like a ninja - liked it better when the hood covered the eyes but you could still see the nose and mouth
  • Can't wait for this game! I already want to preoder it!

  • Yeah.... every time I see that pic I can't help but see this: WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN
  • The gameplay in this game makes a joke out of the Thief series.
  • I'm pretty thrilled to finally play a new Thief game. This looks to be shaping up pretty well.

  • My god I hope the game turns out good..I truely do...they seem to have gotten the sound design down to a tee actually,the weird atmosphereic noise..

  • Those are some nice next gen visuals! I never played the original game but heard great things. I usually suck at stealth games but I might have to pick this one up. February 2014 might be a busy month of game releases so we will have to see. I wish they would drop the prices of new releases so I could just buy everything. Remember when new games were just $49.99 before tax? Man those were great times. Its funny what just $10 does to my ability to purchase.

  • Okay, I just found out about this game today and it seemed interesting because my name is Garrett as well and I'm like, "cool, a character with a same name as me, even the same spelling. What an interesting coincidence." so I opened this article up and saw something interesting about the release date. It's my birthday. So now I'm all "two coincidences??????? The only logical explanation is that future me made this game and hid a message to me on it." and yeah that's the story of how I wanted to buy this game before I knew anything about the actual gameplay.