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New Trailer Reveals Garrett's Political Side And Game's Release Date

Garrett's a thief alright, but he's more of the Robin Hood sort.

In a long – and dramatic – new trailer, we begin to learn more about Garrett's motivations. As it turns out, he's not too pleased with the leaders of society, and he's showing his disapproval by stealing everything he can get his hands on.

The trailer also reveals that this long-awaited game finally has a firm release date: 2/25/14. That's a while to wait, but this trailer makes it seem like it will be well worth it.

  • I forgot entirely about this game since the GI preview issue. It looks amazing. 2014 is going to be a killer year across the board. I have now one more title to look forward to. If it's August now then that makes it...
  • good a nice little ways off so i don't have to worry about my wallet for a while ^^

  • This? Long? Ha, you should see the 8 minute Kingdom Hearts trailers, Matt! :P Still, I'm digging the themes...but I always stink at stealth games...and since it's not on Wii U, I'd have to wait till, I guess it's a toss up for me.
  • Yeah... I'm just going to leave this:

    And this:

    Oh, and we can't forget about this:

    Yeah.... I'm not all that optimistic about the new Thief game. I played it when it was called Dishonored. And let's be honest, it resembles Dishonored more than any Thief game I've seen. Hell, they even taken the "disease" and "rebellion" plot point straight from that game. And now Garret isn't even just a highly skilled Thief anymore? Apparently he's gotta be apart of this super big rebellion thingy and just happens to steal things along the way....
  • Game looks good .... I'll be looking out for it

  • I'll wait for the reviews before I pick this up.

  • The game is looking amazing so far. I hope it plays, just as good as it looks.
  • I'm pretty interested in this game. Not too good at FP-type games, but I can make it work. Color me intrigued.

  • Is it just me or isn't this game seems almost identical to Dishonored ?
  • This new trailer was cool and I'm glad to see the game finally has a confirmed release date.

    And to all those going on about how it's just a redone Dishonored? Play the old games and stop judging a game before you even play it; it just makes you look like an ignorant fool.

  • I realize Thief is an older series it's got nearly 15 years on Dishonored but the resemblance did cross my mind instantly. Though I would say that Dishonored was more SteamPunk and this seams more like the Industrial Revolution. Either way the Thief series has been very successful and Dishonored was a solid game built with mechanics from the Thief series so this game should be promising.

  • Ahh... so this is another cross gen game, eh? It looks great.
  • So this is a reboot. The Keepers, Pagans, Hammerites are all gone. This is Eidos though, and after the previous thief series & Human Revolution I don't have a doubt in my mind that they're going to rock this story and give me the feels.

  • Oh I am so excited for this game!!!!

  • Oh great, we get to play a socialist.
  • Looks good, but isn't altruism and pity a little out of character for Garrett?

  • This will be a decent action game, in the 60%-75% rating zone. Those who have never played Thief will enjoy it the most, comparing most of the setting and gameplay to Dishonored. Fans of the original trilogy will be appalled, even though a select few will prefer this one to the original (just like some people preferred the latest Hitman Absolution to Blood Money). Game will sell as expected, sequels (of the reboot) will spawn, fans will cringe. Until one day Looking Glass Studios decide to regroup and do a Thief-esque kickstarter, brings back Stephen Russell and makes a billion dollars on pre-orders alone. Square Enix decides to cut down on Goth/Emo characters in franchises and also introduces non-feminine characters in Final Fantasy. Penelope Cruz invites me to a private sauna, we make babies.

  • getting that for the PS4. wohoo

  • The world of Thief reminds me of Dishonored, which isn't a bad thing at all. This looks super impressive and can't wait to play.

  • I am so excited for this game. I cant get enough of the teasers. Really think it will be game of the year contender when it gets released.

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