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Thief's Storied Development May Have Helped The Game In The End

Eidos-Montreal's Thief reboot has had a long and colorful development cycle. Some people have worried about what that means for the finished product, but the team doesn't think its process has been unusual.

During an interview at CES 2014, we chatted with Thief's technical art director Jean-Normand Bucci, and he gave us his view of the game's development. "I have been in many different companies and many different projects and I don't see what happened with Thief as being all that different from other games. The advantage of an iterative process like this is that it brings new blood and fresh ideas and people to the project. I think that the team we have right now is the best team we could have to make the game we want to make."

Bucci also went into detail about what the team has been able to add to the game over the last year of development. "We have been listening to the fans and everyone to make sure that we address and enhance the game. We've worked hard on the AI very recently. We've added some addition audio and visual cues to help aid players to know if they are hidden or know how they can interact with the world. Guards now have a different patrol logic if there are multiple guards or a single guard. They work together more or dispatch each other to check on different areas of the environment. Internally we know we've had a lot to do, but we're happy with how the game has come along."

Thief releases for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on February 25. During the show we also got hands on with a 4K demo of the game's controls, which you can read more about here, and be sure to check out our Thief cover hub to learn more about the game's development.

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  • I'm glad they are taking some quality time with the enemy A.I. It can honestly break a good single player game, especially one tailored around thievery.
  • im extremely excited for this game but i have a feeling it's gonna be good but not great i'll say GI gives it a 8.25 just spitballing
  • Eh, the game still looks like it's trying to ape the few non-Thief inspired elements Dishnored had.  Which is really kind of ironic when you think about it.

  • THIEF IV!!!!!!!

  • I have no issue with any developer even taking extra long to polish a product especially a game like this that has been long in the making. I think Thief will turn out to be far better than most expect. Looking forward to next month.

  • Mod

    I sure hope so. I want it to be good because it's Thief. But all the pre-release info seemed really vague, with not a lot distinguishing the gameplay. And the tone seems all generically dark and gritty, and the early footage I saw looked really rough and glitchy.

  • Glad they were taking their time and thinking everything through. I hope this game turns out good, we need more good stealth games to coincide with the shooters.

    Brings a different flavor to the mix. I'm looking forward to checking this out next month.

  • I'm not getting my hopes up, considering Eidos has shown a distinct lack of understanding anything that made the Thief series great.

  • I've had my eyes on this game for a while. Hopefully it turns out to be a fun game!

  • Well I am certainly glad they think its going fine...My worries are slightly changed then.

  • This is one of those statements that developers make that is just so ridiculous: "I think that the team we have right now is the best team we could have to make the game we want to make." As if anyone when interviewed is ever going to say: "Our team is absolute **** so its amazing that we've managed to put out the product that we have."
  • Man, I am really looking forward to this game

  • Sniff... If only this game would  have 3rd person camera mode as option T____T

    I could play this game then

  • This game looks awesome.

  • I loved this game. I started on this on the PC. I'm really looking forward to this coming out again!!