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Learn More About The Lockdown Mission

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have revealed some new details and screenshots for an early level in Thief. 

In the level, called Lockdown, main character Garrett must make his way toward his hideout in a city locked down in order to control an uprising from the population. Players are able to learn more about the mysterious sickness called The Gloom that has spread throughout the city.

During the level, Garrett also gets distracted when he learns of a nearby jewelry store that is holding some particularly valuable items. As a thief, he can't help but see for himself.

Thief will arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on February 25, 2014. Check out the screens for the Lockdown mission below. Also, read up on how the game utilizes the PS4 controller and learn more about the world of Thief.

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  • As long as I'm able to scale the buildings and have an array of choices to take down guards, then this game and I will work out just fine. Moreover, I'm generally not a fan of the more linear stealth assignments, for example, the eavesdropping missions in Assassin's Creed. I always prefer the Dishonored and Deus Ex style stealth games and Thief looks to be in the same vein.
  • Im liking the art style of this game. Never got a chance to try it out on pc, so Ill definitely be picking this one up when it launches early next year
  • I can't wait for this game. I should really go back and play the first two, my first thief game was Deadly Shadows and I absolutely loved it. Do the first two games hold up well gameplay-wise? Is it worth my time to go back and play those? Also people excited for this should check this site out, I haven't tried this yet but it looks pretty awesome: http://www.thedarkmod.com/main/
  • Looks and sounds great but as for all early next-gen games I'll be waiting for the review when it's out.

  • Didn't you guys say this was canceled or didn't get enough money or something

  • This should kick off the begininng of what we can expect from the next gen hardware. It's hard no to be excited about my PS4 right now and Xbox1 next week. My wife and boss are going to hate me.

  • The screenshot at the top looks like grab ass

  • Wow.  It looks amazing.  Can't wait to see some actual console gameplay of this; not PC footage.

  • So from what I've heard, the early games were based heavily on stealth.  Will this game also be stealth oriented, or will it be another action-packed reboot?

  • This is looking wonderful. I can't wait to see how they revolutionize the series and bring it into current times. Sure, the controls may seem weird, but I'm open to all things right now.

  • Cool.

  • The more I learn about this game, the more I hate the AAA industry for ruining yet another classic franchise. All the talk of the game adapting to your choices and forgiving your mistakes is ***. You were supposed to adapt to the GAME, and if you weren't stealthy 100%, you might as well have quit. But like their other *** reboot, Square Enix is gonna get perfect scores all across the board for ticking off all the AAA game requirements. This is one of the reasons why I despise them as a publisher and more recently, a developer.
  • These shots look great but I'd love to see the game in action. I'm more of a combat guy than stealth but as long as I can mix the two together I'm good!

  • Every time I see this, it just reminds me of Dishonored, and makes me want to play that again instead. Yes, I know Thief is the older series, and Dishonored - if anything - pulls from, and builds upon, those classic titles' designs. But whatever. Would you rather be stealthy in a game like this, or stealthy AND super-powered? The art direction of straight, dank, dark medieval cities? Or dank, dark, FANTASTICAL, anachronistic, steampunk, industrial revolution era cities?

    I can't wait until Arkane & Bethesda unveil Dishonored 2, boy. And I'm also interested in seeing how Arkane Austin handles Prey 2... though I will totally miss Human Head's promising version.

  • I think that the setting looks far too victorian. As I remember it, the world of Thief is more "medieval steampunk".

  • liking the dishonored - bleak feel of the levels, should be good.