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Thief On PlayStation 4 Makes Strong Use Of The Dual Shock 4

At Sony's New York City launch event for the PlayStation 4, we got a new look at Eidos Montreal's Thief reboot. This time, the studio was showing off a mission that takes place prior to our last demo. As importantly, we got a chance to see how the Dual Shock 4's light gem and touchpad interface work.

As Garrett creeps through the streets, he'll want to stay in the shadows. The on-screen light gem is a good way to know if you're exposed or if you're safely concealed.

Eidos has implemented use of the PlayStation 4's light bar to extend the user interface. When in shadow, your controller will glow with a color determined by the console and profile. In the light though, the dual shock 4 is an extremely bright white. This will be effective for those that like to play in the dark.

Additionally, Eidos Montreal has implemented touchpad inventory management. For most platforms (including PC with a controller), weapons will be on a wheel. For mouse and keyboard and Dual Shock 4, they appear in a grid at the bottom of the screen.

The touchpad is used to select the arrow type or other item you're interested in using. As players get more comfortable, they'll also be able to simply tap the cooresponding spot on the pad and push the button in. Items have designated slots to make sure that muscle memory can kick in.

This will be important as players work towards perfect runs through the different levels. At the end of each stage, a ratings screen shows a pie chart split into three regions: ghost, opportunist, and predator. These coorrespond to stealthiness, loot collecting, and combat instances. Things are looking good, and we're excited to play more as the game nears release.

Thief is quickly creeping toward its February 25, 2014, launch date. For more, check out a recent preview and our coverage from April 2013.

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  • I think is going to shape up to be one of the best Titles for Next- Year! Can't Wait!!!

  • I, too, think it will be a great game. Those PS4 features though - it would take me some getting used to, especially the inventory thing. I don't look at my controller when I'm gaming. That's why I can see the controller lighting up only as a gimmick, not as a proper feature. It's fine though as long as I can manage my inventory on screen as well.
  • I'm preaty sure it will be 2014 when the game comes out

  • The rumbling triggers of the X1 controller definitely show promise in the way of innovative feedback, but I think the new features of the DS4 will even better enhance gameplay interaction. This new gen will be interesting.
  • Mod
    I think that this is going to be a great game, no doubt about it. The animations are crisp, the environments look gorgeous, and most-importantly, it's a real next-gen game. Not held back by current-gen console requirements.

    But will it be a good 'Thief' game, that's what I'm wondering. I'll be getting it, regardless of how it changes from the past entries in terms of gameplay. But As a fan of the original Dark Project, and someone who plays Metal Gear games a least twice to attempt full pacifist runs, I'm worried about how much combat will play into the game.

    Thief is not a series to reward violence. I like that a lot. I enjoy playing a mature game where I don't have to head-shot everything in order to progress once in a while. Hoping I can still be a whisper while looting to my heart's content.
  • interesting .... heres to hopping it actually feels good to do tho.

  • Very cool usage of the light on the controller, BUT do you want to look down every few seconds to see if you are in the shadows or not. IF not, then what is the point?
  • Very interesting use of the touchpad.  Hopefully the white isn't too blinding when playing with the lights out.  I'm also interested to see how the weapon selects will actually feel in my hands.

  • I really like how Thief is developing and the use of the Dualshock 4 capabilities. My only concern would be how accurate tapping the touchpad will be.

  • That is a pretty nifty use of the controller. Liking it.

  • i wonder what they will do with kinect. hopefully they will do something BA

  • i wonder what they will do with kinect. hopefully they will do something BA

  • I will pass this amalgamation hybrid of Assassin Creed & Dishonored.
  • I'm hoping the controller lighting function will have toggle on/off ability in options menu.  It may be cool, and I'll give it a try, but there's a concern about decreasing battery charge with lighting.  And it could just turn out to be annoying.

    As a slightly tangent example, with my X360 controller, when the battery is low and the green lights start circling, I can't just ignore it.  It kind of bugs me, but at least I know when to get the other, charged, battery pack.  

  • The Dualshock 4 is sounding like the best controller ever. Damn! WiiU game pad would be the same if those games came to the console. The only thing it needs would be the lightbar. Damn, I want a PS4!

  • Still not sure how I feel about this game, but I'm liking how the DS4 is being used. Hope they keep coming up with fresh ideas on how to integrate it into the gameplay.

  • Really interested in this one. Looks to be a promising game. Never played the older ones.

  • I may have to grab this (if I have the time when it launches).

  • I like the touchpad bit, but I am wary of the light gem use. I agree that if you play in the dark it might be fun, but I usually play during the day or with lights on so I do not want to have to glance down at the controller to see if I am hidden or not. Maintaining some in-game indication of stealth level that is onscreen would still be nice.