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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

New Batch Of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screens

A big bundle of screenshots from the emphatically Japanese Final Fantasy rhythm game have hit the web. This 3DS title is…well, it's something.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, aside from having a name that makes me angry just to type, has players doing Elite Beat Agents-like taps and slides across the touch screen in time with classic Final Fantasy tunes. The art is exceptionally cutesy, with big-headed heroes taking on cartoony foes and wandering around colorful landscapes.

Square Enix has yet to say anything about a U.S. release date; all of the recent info from Theatrhythm has come from Japanese publications aimed at that market. I know at least one GI editor who will be very upset if this doesn't show up here.

[via Andriasang…who else?]

  • Final Fantasy guitar hero, that might work.
  • Lightning looks so *** scary.
  • I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, but this art style which they have been using more and more is just so darn ugly. Unless it gets rave reviews for its gameplay, I'm avoiding this one.
  • I think it may be a little late to join the music genre.

    Also, am I the only one that is severely put off by the art style they chose?
  • From the looks of it, it's RPG gameplay meets DDR/Guitar Hero

  • Looks cute...
    Maybe they'll rename it - Mystic Quest Sing Along
  • Boo.

  • I'm probably not alone in saying that I'm not a fan of the art style. It's so cute that it'll make me throw up. The concept of an Elite Beat Agents style Final Fantasy sounds good to me though.
  • Not the Final Fantasy game that i was hoping for...In any way...
  • Where's Marche!? *Sobs*

  • Um......

  • ok, Square Enix is about to go bankrupt, so they make this game....


  • Square Enix makes me angry to type.

  • Thiz iz the only Final Fantasy game that I hope never reachez the United States...   Kupo...   ?!

  • Am I the only one that thinks this is really cute? Sadly I really want a 3ds just for this.....and Zelda

  • *sigh* yet another BAD 3ds game. I have a feeling mario kard 3D and paper mario 3D are gonna be the only good titles to come out for the 3DS >.> oh and don't get me wrong, i LOVE final fantasy. It's one of my favorite series. It's just...well that art style far it doesn't look promising
  • Well, I think this game is a little too immature for me.

  • ...ok, not sure what to think about this one
  • come on give us a real final fantasy!!! and bo bull crap like 13. we 3ds owners want a old school rpg with awsome gfx. the 3ds is wonderful its just lacking in the rpg's atm. hero's of ruin looks great but WHERE IS FF?

  • CUTE!!

    I hope this comes to the states....

    then one day is like $10 at Gamestop...ha.

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