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The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 Demo Available Now In North America

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed all kinds of new Wonderful 101 details, including the promise of a demo. That demo is available now.

The demo was available yesterday in Europe and Japan, but we weren't sure exactly when it was coming stateside. Booting up the Wii U eShop confirms that it is in fact available now. I am downloading it myself as I type.

Thanks to Clint Alvarez for the news tip!

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  • It was available yesterday, just an FYI-there wasn't an official announcement, I believe, I just saw it on GoNintendo.
  • I'll have to download it. I don't think that I'll pick the game up on release, but it's worth a try.

  • I played it this morning. The only problems I had were the camera angles and the detection on the touch screen. Otherwise it was fantastic. I'll have an impressions piece up in the next few days, if anyone is interested.

  • I played it, was not a fan of it. Might of just been a bad demo though.
  • Yesterday when Platinum said North American demo was coming soon and to not read a long book, it was available like 40 min. later.

    I love the game so far and its a day 1 purchase. The camera is a little confusing as they don't explain L and R zooms you in and out, but they do. I am a huge Devil May Cry/Bayonetta/Viewtiful Joe ect. fan and I can already see the longevity of this game. It can get quite tough just on the easy challenge mission.

    The right stick is easier to use but more time consuming than the touchpad. But I noticed in challenge mode you don't have time slowed down when drawing shapes so the touch screen will be the best way to get the highest scores and combos.

    Definitely my most hyped game of the year and the primary reason I bought a Wii U after a Wonderful 101 demo I played last year.

  • Does this game have coop? I will have to download it today and try it out.
  • This didn't look like it appealed to me that much, but it can't hurt to download the demo.
  • Oooh yeauh

  • *Sigh* If only I already had a Wii U to try out the demo...this holiday season can not come sooner.
  • awesome,fun game cant wait till sept.15 arrives.....more games like this and pikmin 3 will help get wii u sales out of 1st gear

  • got it. must say not what i was expecting. weird play mechanic, but fun....

  • This is one of the few games on the Wii U that interests me, but the controls look like they could be a train wreck. Hopefully stores will get a playable demo so I can check it out.
  • Dang I'm stuck on the highway! I can't get home fast enough!
  • Yes! I'm trying this out as soon as I can.

  • I have not understood the hype behind this game, but since I got a Wii U just last week, I'm ready to try it out for myself. I'm hoping I'll love it!

  • Played the demo and thought the game was FANTASTIC. The demo to me showed you some nice things but didn't give you any small details about stuff that might've made it hard for some people to grasp certain concepts of what was happening. I thought the colors were terrific, and I liked how I could switch between different "Wonderful" characters and level them up.

  • I want a new Veautiful Joe. :(
  • E-shop here I come! It'll only take me a week to get to you though...

  • Man the controls are tough to get the hang of. But I think once I get the hang of it this will be insanely fun. I can't tell if using the right stick is easier or if the stylus works better. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, this is a cool way to do an action game.
  • I loved it, I beat it yesterday and I've been playing it again and again so I could get platinums on all the levels

    Everything feels fluid, intense, and awesome. GET IT.
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