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The Wonderful 101

Extended Trailer Shows Off Characters, Unite Morphs

This morning's Nintendo Direct was all about The Wonderful 101, and it concluded with an extended trailer. The 20-minute long presentation included details about the controls and the different ways in which players will be able to combat the enemy. All of these details can also be found in our San Diego Comic-Con preview.

In the trailer, you'll meet a number of the cartoonish stereotyped characters and see the different Unite Morphs they bring to the table. The Wonderful 101 is out in North America on September 15. A demo was released today on the eShop for Europe and Japan, but it has not been made available here yet.

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  • Game looks cool. Also, just because I can, first.
  • Platinum Games are awesome. Don't worry, PG. You have my support. I'm buying Bayonetta 2 and this game for Wii U.

  • Games like this are the reason I fell in love with this hobby. This is the kind of insanity you don't get from books, TV, or movies (maybe comic books), that is such a defining element of gaming.
  • Not a fan of the character models, but the gameplay looks interesting.
  • Eh... I just dont have much interest in this. Might try it some time after it has been out.

  • I think Nintendo just sold me a WiiU

  • Who else is getting this on release? I love Platinum
  • Don't forget guys. This game releases on September 15th.
  • The Wii U is mounting it's attack! I can't wait for the world to eat it's words about this amazing piece of technology.
  • Come to the PS3, please?
  • I was stoked for this game before, but now I'm super impatient for September 15th. This game looks like so much fun. The character art and action reminds me of Viewtiful Joe, one of the greatest games for GameCube.
  • I am so excited for this!

  • Looks fantastic, makes me consider a wiiu


    Okay, not the best, but it's one of the more memorable ones
  • I really wanted this game to be the new Viewtiful Joe not that I'm dissapointed but it didn't turn out how I wanted it. Maybe if I get a WiiU ill try it.

  • This looks so great hopefully the Wii u gets more awesome exclusives! I believe in Nintendo

  • I gotta say,this trailer was amazing..it turned this into a system seller for me.

  • I'm getting a wiiu after this trailer.

  • Every time I see new footage of this game it just keeps getting better XD

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