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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

A Bloody Video Tour Through Mount Gundabad

Warner Interactive and Snowblind Studios have released the latest look at the upcoming Lord of the Rings: War in the North game, showing some of the clashes that await players in and around Mount Gundabad. Designer Sean Stahl narrates the action, which includes encounters with trolls, orcs, and more.

The War in the North is the first game that pools the resources of the Tolkien estate and films, telling an entirely new story. Up to three players can team up to take on the forces of evil in the game, which is developed by the studio behind games including Champions of Norrath and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance.

Check out our previous preview for a deeper look at the game's combat.

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  • first!
  • Meh.
  • This game looks like it is coming together extremely well. I have already pre ordered my copy of it. I feel that the significance of this game is that it is a completely different story that is untold. The game play looks phenomenal with the ability to sever limbs, and the graphics look to be well made and have actual weather effects going on as well.    

  • Looks like a half baked version of Dragon age, with the attraction of the lord of the rings name; without any RPG elements
  • Rental Material!
  • Love this world, sad to see that there are more Star Wars games than LotR. Will be getting this. Co-Op campaigns are the things I feel are lacking in RPGs today, so the more the merrier.

  • Well I'm interested. But i don't see much yet that is convincing me of an early purchase

  • looks like another generic hack and slash "epic"

  • Lulz at the character pop at the beginning - and look at that, yet another trailer with NO interface details. I grow tired of this fluff... albeit some fairly impressive fluff this time around; animation is looking nice'ish.

  • So I think this game is going in the right direction. looks like you can really immerse yourself in the world.

  • assassin's creed's great combat system has ruined hack and slash for me forever, which seems to be what this game's combat is based on

  • Looks like something you get when the PS4 is already out.

  • Not too shabby, but not great either.

  • This looks fun. I think what will make this game has to be coop. Without that, it wouldn't be worth a look.

    Maybe a little more fluid animations could help.

  • After LoTR: Conquest (totally sucked).... I think i'll stay away from this as it doesn't look much better than crap game.
  • Any news about spells like in champions??

  • This could be good i'll give it a shot

  • Awesome!!!! Can't wait!!

  • this game will be epic in my books.

  • I'm going to get this game. So far it looks good and I LOVE LoTR. If the campaign has local co-op I will have my wife's blessing to get it which would be nice...either way....can't wait to play it!

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