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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

See The Silent Realm, The World Above The Clouds, And More In Skyward Sword Screen Gallery

We still have plenty of Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary and Skyward Sword coverage left for this week and next week, but today we decided to spoil you with a screenshot extravaganza. Check out our gallery of over 30 new screens from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

These screens show off all of the major pieces of Skyward Sword covered in the October issue of Game Informer, including the spooky Silent Realm (pictured above), the Eldin Volcano and Fire Temple locations, dowsing, and more. Take a look below and stay tuned for even more Zelda love tomorrow.

  • I need a new diaper

  • cool screens, this game looks awesome as all ways.

  • The wicked art style shines through a lot.

  • The glowy-eyed guy looks out of place... sort of low-poly design. The rest, though, looks spectacular. Really digging the painting style of graphics.

  • So Ocarina of Times thing was time travel....Majoras Mask was about giving you 3 days to stop the moon from crashing...Wind Wakers thing was about water and sailing. Twilight Princess thing was about a parallel dimension and now Skyward Swords thing is about living in the clouds and flying. So I guess its safe to assume....the next Zelda will take place in space or underground?
  • Is Tingle in the game?
  • cool, too bad its 2 years too late and I, like many core gamers, forgot the Wii sitting there collecting dust. Nintendo is going down the tubes, dev support (or lack there of) for their next Wii U is proof enough. And who DOESNT like seeing the polygons that make up Link's legs? pft
  • I wonder if there is any sound in the silent realm?
  • .....mole mitts?.......Mole mitts?.....Mole Mitts??......MOLE Mitts???.....MOLE MITTS???!!!

  • Rather than a parachute cloth thing, he should use his hat! So far I've seen things in this game that remind me of TP, TMC, MM, OOT, TWW, and ST. And maybe more that I'm forgetting...
  • Way excited.  I must have it ASAP.

  • Those screenshots are absolutely beautiful.  If I wasn't excited for the game before, I definitely am now.

  • Are they bringing back the Deku Leaf with that little cloth as a substitute? Because that would be awesome! I friggin loved the Deku Leaf ^^

  • I have already pre-orderd the special edition of this game.


  • WOW!!!! I wanna play this sooooooo bad. Can't... wait... much... longer...

  • looking good.