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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Exclusive Video: Flying To Eldin Volcano in Skyward Sword

Today we bring you the first of five exclusive videos of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword showing off new and never-before-seen parts of the game. On display in this first video: the game's flying mechanic.

As the video shows, Link can leap from any of the many floating islands of Skyloft and call his bird to begin flight. Once flying, players can move toward colored beacons that let you know where you can jump to areas below the clouds. Players will also be able to place their own beacons to search specific islands in Skyloft -- but we'll see some of that in a later video. When he falls to the ground, Link will need to pull out a sailcloth to act as a parachute if he wants to avoid damage.

This video also shows a first glimpse of Eldin Volcano, an area we'll explore more in future videos and which is a major part of the October cover story. Enjoy the video and look for four more later this month.

  • Looks dated.
  • Looks awesome can't wait to the magazine

  • Was that a sprint I saw? Ohhhhh yeah!

  • I can't believe they're saying this is gonna take 50 - 100 hour to beat.

    Not that it's a bad thing. Just seams a bit extreme for a game like this.

    Must be A LOT of items to play with!

  • yep... that's exactly how sky diving works lol

  • Man, the art direction is looking absolutely gorgeous! I'm not sold on the flying yet but the game is looking fantastic so far.

  • I like it. The little cutscenes where Link drops off the bird look great. Also, to reiterate what others before me have said, it looks like a Ho-Oh!

  • Despite the art style may not convince some people, this is the last Zelda for the Wii, or to be more accurate, the only Zelda for Wii since Twilight was originally for gamecube, so, where am I going with this, it's Zelda guys!!! There hasn't been a Zelda game that made you said no, I'll pass on this, each one, with their flaws, were just great and this promises some serious potential to be more than great. Can't wait!!!

  • The art and graphics look absolutely beautiful! The bird flying seems to be a nice addition. That brief music I heard when he flew was awesome and it sounds orchestrated. Sword girl looks to be similar to Midna in TP. And finally, the environments look gorgeous. Can't wait!!!!!

  • It looks amazing and I can't wait to play it but man, can we get some voice actors up in there?  I shouldn't have to read stuff anymore.

  • Can you imagine if this was in HD? Really, I like this aesthetic. Everything sort of looks painted into place. I bet some other games will try similar sort of graphics approaches down the line. Maybe not identical, but similar.

  • Dang, I really want a Wii just because of this game.  I hope Link can sprint like that all the time, because thats awesome!

  • im soo excited!!

  • hopefully the next 4 won't be 20 seconds long.

  • Dang I like the drop in/drop out style.

  • Amazing, does anyone know when it comes out?

  • I think the flying element looks okay.  I can't really pass a sound judgment though on a forty-nine second video (and without playing the game first).

  • Seems awesome!

  • Why does Phi call Link Master?