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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Exclusive Video: Flying To Eldin Volcano in Skyward Sword

Today we bring you the first of five exclusive videos of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword showing off new and never-before-seen parts of the game. On display in this first video: the game's flying mechanic.

As the video shows, Link can leap from any of the many floating islands of Skyloft and call his bird to begin flight. Once flying, players can move toward colored beacons that let you know where you can jump to areas below the clouds. Players will also be able to place their own beacons to search specific islands in Skyloft -- but we'll see some of that in a later video. When he falls to the ground, Link will need to pull out a sailcloth to act as a parachute if he wants to avoid damage.

This video also shows a first glimpse of Eldin Volcano, an area we'll explore more in future videos and which is a major part of the October cover story. Enjoy the video and look for four more later this month.

  • that looks really good, maybe a bit rough around the edges (in the video not saying the whole game) but it looks awesome, it's games like this that prove you don't need HD graphics for everything not saying it wouldn't be cool, but it don't need it.

  • I like how it's really short. I like news like this but I don't want to know too much about the game before it's out. Keep the exclusive Zelda coverage coming, it's a really awesome feature.
  • Nice.

  • Do want.

  • I swear... If this site starts showing ADVERTISMENTS like crazy, like IGN...I'm off to find another site. (Thank goodness for F5 though.)
  • Looks pretty good, day one buy for me.

  • Skyward Sword will be EPIC!:D.


  • Sooooooo epic cant wait!!!


  • THE STUPID FOOTBALL COMMERCIAL IS LONGER THAN THE ACTUAL VIDEO!! I HATE IT!.. But I do rather enjoy the new zelda video.

  • Nice. Wish it was longer though. :(

  • So if Link didn't pull out his chute, would he just get the worst face-plant ever??

  • Looks fun...Wish i had a Wii...Oh well..

  • Best 49 seconds today.

  • I can't wait for this game. I'm a long time fan of Zelda I want this for my collection. I reserved day after they announced the golden Wii motion plus controller bundle.

  • he caught a ho-oh!! jks

  • Man that music got me excited for the game!! I can't wait to own it.

  • super mario galaxy meets twlight princess........

  • This is going to be great.  I can just feel it.  And also the best use of the Wii motion control, methinks.

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