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The Last of Us Remastered Edition

Naughty Dog Details Changes To Factions Multiplayer

Last week, we went hands-on with the single-player portion of The Last of Us Remastered Edition. The title looks great, especially when side-by-side with the original release on PlayStation 3. We didn’t get to see how the Factions multiplayer mode is shaping up though, but today we have some new information.

The Factions mode will be running at 1080p and targets 60 frames per second (just like the single-player mode, which is also variable and can be locked at 30 FPS). There have been some minor tweaks to the formula, also.

Multiplayer trophies no longer require you to complete the match without being killed. However, the number of downs or executions has been raised from three to five. 

You’ll also start with nine loadout points instead of the eight from the original version. Players will reach the 13 point cap more quickly. All of the maps are in a single pool (because every player will have access to the full roster), which should speed matchmaking.

As we mentioned last week, all of your purchased multiplayer DLC (hats, weapons, and skills) will become cross-buy. You’ll just need to download it to your PlayStation 4.

Naughty Dog says that The Last of Us peaked with 9,000 concurrent Faction mode players on PlayStation 3. If you didn’t jump in last generation, you’ll have another shot when the Remastered Edition comes out on July 29 (just one week from now). You can also tune into a special live reading of key scenes on July 28.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • This game has one of my favorite multiplayer styles. Absolutely love this game.

  • Last of Us' multiplayer is so good. I play it all the time and it never gets old. Especially survivor mode. Every match is always tense and exciting. I wish more people played.
  • 9000 concurrent players? That seems a little bit low to me. The multiplayer was fun, but managing your survivor group is stressful and didn't keep my attention. I wonder how the mp retention is holding up for the ps3 now.
  • Loved the single player but i never got into multi. I felt the gunplay was the weakest part of the entire game.
  • Just prestiged for the 5th time today (don't judge). Glad to see some changes for the MP, wish the trophy changes applied to the ps3 version as well. Lastly, I was hoping our MP progress would carry over to the remastered version, but it will not. Don't know if I am purchasing or not.

  • I was hoping for some kind of tweak. What I know of ND, it seems to me they want people to plat their games without giving too much headache for the online part. Then they bombard you with MP DLC stuff. But since it's a remaster they had to include that stuff too. So it makes sense they would do this. Glad I waited with TLoU. It's gonna be sweet on PS4.
  • I'm surprised TLOU didn't have a hoard mode type of playlist. I think it would have been perfect for this game.
  • Cross gen play?

  • MP is awesome with this game, which was a HUGE surprise to me. I hated Uncharted 3 MP and had kinda written ND off with MP, but BAM! Its great. Sort of the anti-COD

  • I bought the dlc on a secondary account. *** you sony.
  • Let me carry over my PS3 stats damn it! Also they really need to change the PS3 multiplayer trophies too because that no death requirement is BS. I could easily do 5 downs or executions.