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The Last of Us Remastered Edition

Re-Infection: Hands-On With The Last Of Us Remastered

Yesterday, we had our first opportunity to go hands-on with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us update for PlayStation 4. Sony wisely put it side-by-side with the original edition (our review) for comparison purposes, driving home just how much the Remastered version has improved.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the visual upgrade from 720p and 30 frames per second to 1080p and 60 frames per second (though you can lock things down at 30 FPS should you choose). Naughty Dog tells us that character textures have been increased by a factor of four, shadows have been doubled (along with a new lighting process), and draw distance is noticeably better.

Motion blur when turning the camera (used to hide slower loading textures) has been significantly reduced, but not eliminated. The game’s gritty, destroyed environments look crisper, which was even more pronounced in the side-by-side comparison. It looks spectacular.

Audio has gotten a significant improvement, with more options to customize your setup. For audiophiles playing with high-end stereo headsets, you’ll be able to change the azimuth (to tune alignment and timing for better synchronicity across the channels). You can also decide whether your center channel plays dialog, dialog and sound effects, or nothing at all.

For those that want to play with some additional insight, you'll be able to turn on commentary. Creative director Neil Druckmann and Troy Baker go behind the scenes as you're playing. 

Performance has also improved, with instant load times thanks to streaming from the hard drive instead of the disc. The controls have been revamped to take advantage of the Dual Shock 4. The lightbar will signal health, with healthy blue scaling to orange when injured and red when critical. 

The touchpad button is used to open Joel’s backpack now, but the biggest change is the speaker. The controller will now play the click of the flashlight and audio recordings you find around the world. No longer will you have to stay in the menu to listen to them. They’ll continue playing from your controller while you continue with the game.

Saves won’t carry over to the Remastered version, and this includes your progress in Factions mode. However, if you played the PS3 version of the multiplayer at all, you’ll get a supply point bonus to help get you started.

The Remastered version includes the Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories map packs, as well as the Left Behind story DLC. If you purchased any of the DLC that’s not included in the Remastered version, that will carry over. You’ll just need to download it to your PS4. The season pass is no longer available, so if you want to purchase everything now, expect to spend over $70 (if you want every weapon, additional skill, and cosmetic hat). The weapons and skills will cost you $13.47 and most of the cosmetics can be purchased a la carte for $.99 or $1.99.

Sony told us that its considering more multiplayer DLC for The Last of Us, as there is an expectation there will be renewed interest with the PS4 release. There are no commitments yet, but the fact that it was even floated as a possibility (without solicitation) gives us the feeling we should expect to see it.

The Remastered edition will have its own trophy set, so if you are angling to add to your Platinum collection, you can double up on The Last of Us. The trophies are identical to the PS3 original.

The Last of Us Remastered Edition will arrive on July 29 for $49.99. 

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  • Sounds good, but I´m still on the fence about buying the game again. Didn't Sony or Naughty Dog propose that those who own the game on PS3 get to the reissue a bit cheaper? What happened to this plan?
  • hard to imagine paying 50 dollars for a revamped version of a game i paid 50 dollars for already, its a bit insulting for Sony to expect it quite frankly. I understand if you havent played it yet, then this is awesome, but I dont see why everyone who already paid them for this wouldnt wait until this remastered version drops to 20 or lower. its not like we dont know what happens and cant wait a little longer for a game that already came out in one version or another.
  • This is the next game on my Gamefly. Cannot wait to finally experience this.

  • For all of you graphics nuts out there, this should be a good way to see how much better the PS4 is over the PS3, assuming you've played the PS3 version of the game that is. And of course the PS3 was at the end of it's lifecycle while the PS4 is just getting started meaning things will only get better for you.
  • I'm so excited for this. I will be a proud man on September 9th with my White PS4 Destiny Bundle, The Last of Us Remastered, and the Destiny Ghost Edition for Xbox One. I love my Xbox One, but I do recognize the PS4 as a masterful machine, and I look forward to it's future.

  • I can't wait!

  • I wasn't going in for this but this sure made it sound appealing.

  • Awesome. Can't wait to play this glory again!
  • My favorite game of all time, but I'll wait until it's 20 bucks to buy it again.

  • Sony picked the right time to put this out, because there is not *** coming out in the coming weeks. So ill be buying this at launch, would of gotten it sooner or later.
  • Happy for those who are experiencing the masterpiece (one of my favorite games) for the first time, but no way I am purchasing it again. No discount or upgrade option for us ps3 owners (I'd pay at most $20, maybe $30), and the graphical changes, while awesome, seem to be the only changes. Also, I would've considered it if the multiplayer files transferred but they don't?! Single player I can understand, but I've put in over 4 full days in factions on ps3, not restarting. Overall, the target is for those who have yet to play TLOU, and I am jealous. Some who have owned it previously will buy it for sure, but I'm not , even with nothing else to really play now.
  • I'm kinda flabbergasted they included the map packs and story DLC, but nothing else. Granted everyone may not care for the personalization pack, but come on Sony I'm sure you've made more than enough for this game to be considered highly successful.
  • Shoot this take was soo good I may just get it again when I get a PS4 in the future.

  • The Remastered version isn't targeted towards players who played the game already. This is for the 50+% that didn't because they came over from 360. And While they did discuss a price drop for previous owners, it was never official. I paid for a Post Pandemic Edition. I'll gladly pay $50 fora smoother version. I love it that much. Haha.
  • Can't wait to pick this up at the end of the month! I bought this digitally on the PS3. The upgraded visuals and FPS along with the added DLC and commentary sounds great to me. I didn't try the MP on the PS3 so I am looking forward to that as well. I will start off by playing the Left Behind DLC since it's a prequel story.

    I hope this team moves on to the Uncharted Trilogy Remaster!!!!! I am hoping for an announcement in the next couple of months! It would be great to get the Uncharted Trilogy Remaster 6 months or so before Uncharted 4 A Thief's End is released. Make it happen Sony as I have money in my hands that I can throw your way.

  • So it's clearly not a steady 60fps if they have a 30fps lock.
  • Well....... Hmmm.... I really wish we had a trailer of gameplay or soemthing.

  • Sony isn't commanding you to re-purchase the game if you've played it already. It's your choice, but for those that never played it on the PS3, they will get a chance to fully experience the game on the great PS4. So stop b*tching like your obligated to buy the game again.
  • What is it with all the wanting discounts and freebies. Nobody is making you buy another copy. If you buy a game for the xbox one do you expect a discount for the ps4 version? The PS4 is a different system plain and simple. I for one did not play a lot of the games that came out in 2013 knowing that the good ones would be ported to the ps4. And as stated before, lots of 360 owners switched to ps4 and have not played TLOU.

  • Man I can't wait. I loved the Last of Us and if I can get a better version, than count me in.

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