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The Last of Us

Watch The PAX Prime Demo Of The Last Of Us

This month at PAX Prime, Naughty Dog showed off the riveting, behind-closed-doors E3 trailer of The Last of Us. If you weren't at either event, you can now see the full 16-minute demo here. We promise you it was worth the wait.

I only saw the public demo Naughty Dog showed for The Last of Us at E3, so this one was completely new to me, and serves as a stark reminder for why PS3 owners are so excited for the game. While the environmental puzzles look like standard fare, Naughty Dog has done a remarkable job of humanizing Joel and Ellie's enemies, which makes the already visceral combat even more brutal.

I'm still amazed at how dynamic all of the animation seems – we'll have to wait until we get our hands on the game to see just how orchestrated these live demos are, but so far the game is looking great.

For more of The Last of Us, check out the trailer Naughty Dog showed at Gamescom.

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  • This game is going to be epic.

  • here's to you
  • great Last of us demo only PSN Demo

  • maybe see try game demo

  • Makes me wish I had a PS3!
  • now this *** is a good way
  • can't wait buy

  • I still love seeing this video demo even though it's months old now and I've seen it ,many times,This game is one of the big reasons why I still have a PS3,Can't wait to get it on day 1 when ever it's released

  • If this game is even a fraction as good as it seems like it will be...

  • I'm hoping to buy a new tv just in time to play this game.

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