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The Last of Us

The Last of Us Continues To Impress With Gamescom Trailer

It's getting to the point where we couldn't be more excited for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. However, that shouldn't stop you from watching this gripping new trailer, which shows protagonists Joel and Ellie fighting for their lives to Hank Williams' classic country song "Alone and Forsaken."

  • 10 out of 10... Games like this don't come along often.

    It's good to be a PS3 owner. =)
  • Ohhh yes the most anticipated game on my list of games. (licks lips) XD

  • Looks amazing. Extreamly pumped about this game.

  • Looks amazing. Extreamly pumped about this game.

  • This is going to be way better than uncharted I can feel it!!

  • The trailer by itself with no music is pretty epic. It's possibly one of the best trailers I've ever seen thanks to Hank Williams.
  • This looks great, better graphically than the Uncharted series as a whole. Naughty Dog's first M rated title, I can't wait. It's games like these that make me proud to be a PS3 owner.

  • It's a shame that all of ND's games are so amazing but are exclusives... One can only hope they come to PC at the very least some day... ;-)
  • Has there been a confirmed release date yet? If not are there any general dates?
  • Wooo....


  • So, about the infected fellas? Haven't heard a word bout them or seen them since the teaser.
  • I need a PS3!!!
  • This is awesome.

  • Can't stop myself from reading every bit of information and watching every video on The Last of Us... so I'm glad this wasn't anything we haven't seen before honestly x.x

  • Sniff Sniff...why can't I have it now?

  • Liquid awesome. Can't friggin' wait.

  • swings the club and Ooh he dodges and steps to the left with an uppercut oh the glory! but wait another guy steps out from nowhere, and he has a gun oh what will our hero do. he pauses and hides behind a desk then tries to rush, THIS is the moment and....... ah he got shot, well lets start from the last checkpoint and do this again. Man I love this Game.

  • Phenomenal game.
  • so glad i have a 360 and PS3. means i can play halo 4 and th elast of us. feels good... now to get a wii and gaming PC...

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