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The Last of Us

Watch The PAX Prime Demo Of The Last Of Us

This month at PAX Prime, Naughty Dog showed off the riveting, behind-closed-doors E3 trailer of The Last of Us. If you weren't at either event, you can now see the full 16-minute demo here. We promise you it was worth the wait.

I only saw the public demo Naughty Dog showed for The Last of Us at E3, so this one was completely new to me, and serves as a stark reminder for why PS3 owners are so excited for the game. While the environmental puzzles look like standard fare, Naughty Dog has done a remarkable job of humanizing Joel and Ellie's enemies, which makes the already visceral combat even more brutal.

I'm still amazed at how dynamic all of the animation seems – we'll have to wait until we get our hands on the game to see just how orchestrated these live demos are, but so far the game is looking great.

For more of The Last of Us, check out the trailer Naughty Dog showed at Gamescom.

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  • This was awesome. I do wonder about the girl, is she just invisible to enemies or something? However, she seems way better than half the AI companions out there, the ones who run into enemies for no reason (or into you line of fire)

  • Saving up for a PS3 for this (and everything else Sony won't let Xbox play).

  • can't wait to buy a ps3

  • Can this game just come out now!! There is no way i can wait until 2013 to play it, might pull a Cartman and freeze myself until it comes out. I'll live after being unfrozen right?

  • This game is going to be BAD ASS

  • And this is the reason I have both consoles, can't wait!
  • "Not a ***' word." I'm gonna love the hell out of this game when it comes out.

  • The preview was awesome, quite thrilling, I enjoyed watching it as a short film.  Playing it is another.  Graphics look great, I like how it's detailed with color without cheating on the black and grays-hahaa.  The voice over acting sounds pretty good to match the modes of situations.  Joels voice sounds as familiar as the the main dude from Red Dead Redemption though.  Almost too familiar.  My initial assessment is a 4 star.

  • Wow.  This game is looking pretty good, but it looked like some of the stuff in the demo were non-interactive that should have been interactive.  Like when they hear the guys in the building....does the CPU control all of the actions the main character did?

  • This game is so freaking epic looking. Man Game of the Year easily!

  • Really impressive stuff here. It's like they turned Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" into a game.
  • WHOA.... Impressive!!!

  • Beautiful . Everyone who works at naughty dog should feel very proud
  • Gosh, I cant stand waiting for this game. Its a rush whenever new vids pop up for it. *grabs popcorn*
  • Jesus tap dancing Christ I cannot wait for this game.
  • Amanzing work!

  • I had my doubts about this game... then I saw this!

  • ommfg this looks so fricking good i cant believe my eyes. hard to believe this is "this gen" with all of the animations. however the glowing aura on the ladder was weak and i hope they get rid of it and all of the fights seemed too scripted. id like to know how the game actually plays...i mean there wasnt even any prompts for when that guy had joel in a like to know how that will all work out. actually considering getting a ps3 finally for this games even though there are plenty of exclusive ips to choose from

  • Can we make this game two player, and utilize the PS Vita for bitchin' co-op???  PLZ??  We can haz co-op???  (With Vita???)  PLZ?

  • I need to play this game NOW. 2013? How can you tease us like this?