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The Last of Us

Watch The PAX Prime Demo Of The Last Of Us

This month at PAX Prime, Naughty Dog showed off the riveting, behind-closed-doors E3 trailer of The Last of Us. If you weren't at either event, you can now see the full 16-minute demo here. We promise you it was worth the wait.

I only saw the public demo Naughty Dog showed for The Last of Us at E3, so this one was completely new to me, and serves as a stark reminder for why PS3 owners are so excited for the game. While the environmental puzzles look like standard fare, Naughty Dog has done a remarkable job of humanizing Joel and Ellie's enemies, which makes the already visceral combat even more brutal.

I'm still amazed at how dynamic all of the animation seems – we'll have to wait until we get our hands on the game to see just how orchestrated these live demos are, but so far the game is looking great.

For more of The Last of Us, check out the trailer Naughty Dog showed at Gamescom.

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  • Mod
    Cannot think of a game I have anticipated more in recent memory. Been looking forward to the Pax Demo as well, too bad I wasn't sitting in a post apocalyptic bathroom while watching!
  • Wow I can't think of another new IP coming up I have nearly as much excitement for. Very big potential GOTY for 2013.
  • Look at all that detail. They put a ton of work into that game. Gotta appreciate their dedication.

  • it always seems like i will watch something on a different site, then see it here.

  • Anims are sweet.
  • That right there is the reason why I play games.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: THE FUTURE OF GAMING. Seriously, can't wait for this, MGS and GTAV. Great way to end a generation. Also looking forward to what ND can do with the PS4.
  • Want so bad...

  • The brutality, emotion, and minimalist musical direction is gonna make this game the one to beat. Naughty Dog is nothing short of amazing.
  • Maybe its just me, but I'm kind of shocked by how brutal the violence is. I should be desensitized to it by now, and I thought I was, but for some reason its really unsettling. Maybe its too realistic? I can't think of another protagonist who has acted out violence in such a ruthless and realistic manner.
  • This demo at first reminded me of the hotel sequence in Nepal from Uncharted 2 but I think the little touches like Ellie jumping at the sound of Joel shooting the pistol and the blood running from the cut on Joel's face after the fight are what really lift this to a different level.

    Really interested to see to what extent the inventory system that was hinted to in the E3 demo will feature in the final game. Other than that all I can do is second everyone else's comments in saying I can't wait for this to come out.

  • idk how the hell Naughty Dog does it. Seriously looking to be another masterpiece in the books. Very excited for this

  • The combat looks tense! Especially the part where he's chasing the runaway. Incredible.
  • When I first saw this, I kept thinking it was I Am Alive, a game I found underwhelming, but after this video, I really want to play it.

  • Every time I see this demo I get excited for this game all over again. My most anticipated game.

  • If I only had a ton of money... This game would be on my to buy list.

  • I can't wait for the day I can finally get this.

  • While this seems like the future of gaming in my opinion (a strong focus on storytelling) Ellie's body doesn't fit her voice she seems too small. I'm being nit-picky I guess also it's strange how they can't climb at all but I suppose that's to make it very different from Uncharted. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game so intense!
  • I'm really curious about the whole plot of it, still excited all the same

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