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The Last of Us

From Mo-Cap To Finished

Gamers know that most of their favorite characters begin as actors in a motion capture studio. The process isn't simple, and involves several artistic passes to create what we ultimately see on the screen. In this new video for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog shows the progression from beginning to end.

It's impressive, though not exactly jaw-dropping. If you want something less technical and more dramatic, you should probably watch the latest trailer instead. You can also check out a new batch of screens below.

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  • Goodness this game looks incredible. I honestly don't remember being this excited for a game in a looooong time.

  • Man, I will sure be the SECOND one to get this game!
  • Wow, it's crazy how one step makes the scene look completely different and awesome.

  • Man this is looking more & more Epic everytime i read something on it. This is def. the most excited I've ever been for a game.

  • Looks fun, but I usually like original animations with more flare, for example Darksiders 2
  • "...not jaw dropping..."? I thought this was quite incredible, especially when you consider where graphics were just five years ago. Heck, even Heavy Rain is somewhat recent ands was considered one of the most realistic looking games around... but this easily surpasses Heavy Rain. I'm not usually one to get caught up in graphics, but this game is stunning.
  • Very cool. This game is probably in my top 5 anticipated games of next year, which is high praise considering there are so many coming out! On a side note, I think Naughty Dog is the only studio that does these videos (they had one for Uncharted 3 too), and it's nice to see the process on how they create such beautifully animated characters.
  • "No, F you!" Love Ellie.
  •        .. .0 .0 . 0.0 .0 .0

  • The different steps are really amazing, this really shows how lighting can make or break a game visually.

  • #1 most anticipated game right now.
  • Teh meh

  • If you just sit back and look how far our technology has come in 10 or even 5 years. Its incredible and this looks so awseome cant wait to play it.

  • Troy Baker is one of my favorite voice actors ever, so it's cool to see some behind the scenes. Of course 50 seconds isn't much...

  • Characters, environs, and everything else look amazing in TLoU... :3

  • As much as I love this look at a new scene and how it came to fruition, it makes me wonder when exactly will we see those zombies again. We saw them ONCE.
  • Any other readers remember The Getaway GI cover story that talked in depth about the new "motion capture" tool being used for the game? It talked about how amazing it was going to be to capture real performances from the actors and put them straight into the game. Wish I still had the mag handy. I think it would be cool to read it again.
  • I like to scrub my teeth with soap sometimes, so I can get that tooth paste taste out of my mouth.
  • Cool.

  • Look at that screenshot at the beginning of the bottom row: just incredible!

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