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The Evil Within

Peer Inside The First Live Action Trailer

Last week, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks revealed the name of Shinji Mikami's new game, The Evil Within. They also showed a disturbing live action montage of horrific images enough to make any horror fan's blood-soaked day.

Now, that trailer is available for us to share with you. The man behind the short, Kyle Cooper, is known for his design work on film and television projects including Se7en, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead.

The Evil Within is coming to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and "next generation consoles" in 2014. 

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  • Hope this will be as awesome as it looks!!I have faith in Bethesda.
  • I can see a lot of Silent Hill influences in here, so my hope is that it's gonna be scary stuff right out in the open. Here's an example of things that creeped me out in the Silent Hill games:

    Silent Hill - The demon children surrounding you in the very beginning, almost pissed my pants.

    Silent Hill 2 - Just knowing Pyramid Head is around.

    Silent Hill 3 - The Mirror Room, enough said.

    Silent Hill 4 - Eileen's giant head in the Otherworld Hospital. Yikes!

  • Can't wait to see some actual gameplay!

  • im so freaked out right now!! going to google some images of kittens to calm my nerves...
  • if someone has the time, please enlighten me: what does producing a game means?

    Developing a game is making it, but what does producing mean, do the producers get to say "make this, do that, cut this out" or do they just give the dev. money and then take a cut out of the profit?

    surely they are invovled in the game making process, but to what extent? is this a contract thing or what?

    the thing is, Take2 games has mostly been awesome, and EA games are mostly not that great. so I'm kinda confused.

    also do the producers own the dev. companies or just have a X# of games contract then they are no longer affiliated with them?

    thank you.

  • Ah Survival Horror...Its a breath of fresh air. I'm more than excited to see what this game has in store for us.

  • Definitely getting this. Good old survival horror. Not COD. (Looking at you, RE6)

  • holy crap bethesda making a horror game i can kinda see it and it will be great i mean fallout has some freaky moments to and so does skyrim but this is a whole new level cant wait!!!

  • Very interesting. This project may actually work out for Bethesda.

  • Creeeeeepy

  • I'm really creeped out right now... O_o

  • Damn. Was Clive Barker involved? Looks like Silent Hill and Hellraiser had a vidyagaem baby.

  • reminds me of 13 ghosts

  • This makes me want to see them make a full length horror

  • Hello, I'm a horror teacher, this japs need to learn some lessons... Here, have one for free!!!
  • That's...kind of creepy.

  • *Faints to the ground*

  • can't do it, i'm a b*tch when it comes to horror, i wish i could play this, but i know i will *** myself everyday after playing it

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