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The Evil Within

The Evil Within Delayed Until October

October continues to fill up, as another title slips into what is becoming the busiest month in recent memory. The Evil Within, which received a tepid response from a PAX East demo, is moving from August until October.

According to Bethesda, game director Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks asked for more time to refine the title. Bethesda has granted the request, and the title will arrive on October 21 here for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Bethesda also announced a pre-order bonus, which includes a number of in-game items, including a medical kit, a double barrel shotgun, an incendiary agony bolt, a poison agony bolt, and green gel.

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  • If I was a early adopter I would be miserable right now. I don't think E3 will do much besides give a temporary glimpse into things to come a year from now but nothing quite else.
  • Oh, jeez. Now I DIDN'T see this coming. Isn't October like packed to the brim of games? Move your game outta that month before it gets ignored!!!
  • Looks like October keeps filling up. I wasn't expecting this delay, and really don't see this helping sales numbers for The Evil Within. It has to compete with a great lineup.
  • Of course its gonna be October. lol

  • October is going to be one busy month for the games industry.
  • Damn, I really want this game but with that month... scary.

  • Not good at all. I'm already divvying my duckets between Dragon Age and Shadow of Mordor. And those aren't the only two games I want in October. The Evil Within, I will see you in the bargain bin sir.
  • Well I was already planning to move the pre-order I had for this over to Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition. Looks like I will definitely be doing that. The game looks awesome but not October 2014 awesome (way to many other games coming out in the fall that I am interested in).
  • I was really looking forward to playing this in October release will hurt this title I think...
  • Awful decision, just awful. What genius decided to delay this into a month that features Inquisition, Arkham Knight, Shadow of Mordor and Alien: Isolation. Just plain dumb!

  • Nothing wrong with some more polish. October seemed like a better month for releasing this title anyway.
  • Polish is always great, idk about the PAX stuff but I thought the long gameplay trailer they released a while back looked phenomenal. October is technically the perfect month for such a title BUT with so many high profile titles coming out in that month there's really no way it doesn't get hurt in sales or recognition.

  • Wow, October is packed with huge releases! My bank account is crying.

    I don't know, though. This game might take a hit in sales with it competing against such big titles like DA:I, Arkham Knight, and Shadow of Mordor. It's definitely not my first pick to play.

  • This and aliens fits perfect for October, after all, its suppose to be the month of scares, ghouls, the dead so......... what's the problem people.
  • Ahh god gamn it. Summer is always the worst. I was really banking on this one. Oh well, hopefully it'll be a better game with the extra couple of months.

  • This really pisses me off and is bull *** lol

  • If they're just looking to polish this game up a bit, they should try to release it at the end of Sept. With all the competition going on in Oct., I don't see this game moving off the shelves a lot.

  • Too many games competing for our dollars in October. This is going to cause a problem for some of the lesser known titles like this one.

  • Sweet, it fits an October release anyway and gives me more time to save up for it.

  • aw darn it.

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