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I Hope The Evil Within Isn’t A Generic Zombie Shooter

When I got a chance to see the original The Evil Within trailer at E3 last year, I was blown away. The recently released trailer had me excited as well. Most of what we’ve seen from the game has screamed survival horror perfection. The two gameplay demos we had a chance to see today at PAX East (sorry, capturing footage was not allowed) left me a little concerned about just how creepy the title’s going to be in the end. While it would be insane to judge the game on around 20 minutes of gameplay, what was shown didn’t leave me with a great impression.

The first gameplay demo shows the protagonist moving about the massively changed world that players get a glimpse of at the end of the E3 trailer. Streets shift and move as the character moves around an unsettling urban backdrop. Things take a turn for the bland as the character moves into a gated area where he encounters a group of zombies and dispatches them handily with a variety of weapons, from a shotgun to explosive crossbow bolts. Not that there's anything wrong with zombie slaying, but the previous gameplay footage and trailers give off a completely different vibe, one without much shooting, and with a heavier emphasis on fragility and scares.

While the weapons seem competent, and the zombies need to be burned after they’ve been brought down to keep them from coming back, these slow stereotypical zombies being blasted to pieces with a vast, devastating arsenal isn’t the kind of thing that previous trailers and footage have conveyed. The demo ends with the character getting killed by a more interesting water monster, but the overall tone of the brief demo felt stale and overly familiar.

The second gameplay demo’s chance to redeem the first fell flat. The character maneuvers throughout a network of underground areas, continually killing “Boxhead” monsters. While creepy, the Boxhead encounters lost their luster quickly as the player’s vast array of weapons dispatched them easily, over and over. These demos placed a huge focus on powerful weapons and monster-slaying, a far cry from the experience of terror seen in the original reveal.

That said, during the demos I noticed what appeared to be a rather interesting crafting system that allowed the player to create specialty ammo to suit the situation he was in, a feature that has not been fully unveiled yet.

I’m still excited for the game, but I hope that these demos, with their focus on high-octane action over real scares, don’t portray the meat of the game experience.

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  • generic zombie shooters sell too well...I doubt this will be as innovative as initially billed. Sadly, I may add :-(
  • Let's hope you're right about that Daniel. It'd be ashame for Shinji Mikami to go down in history as the guy who killed survival horror, especially being the creator himself.

  • I really hope this game turns out well. I've been looking forward to it for quite some time.

  • This game screams RE4. Now, I loved RE4....10 years ago. I've had my doubts about this game since reveal, but Hopefully it turns out more like its E3 trailer.
  • Mod
    I have faith in Shinji. He's yet to direct a game I didn't absolutely love.(REmake, RE4, God Hand, Vanquish) I'm not worried.
  • Sounds like this will be one of the first major disappointments of 2014. Specially crafted ammo and all that jazz does not really make a good survival horror. But hey if Doom 3 could do it decently maybe this will as well.
  • Wow this kind of put a damper on my crazy anticipation. I'm still getting it but I hope it's in line with RE4 than RE6.
  • I'll have to look into this a little further not sure I know about this game. But the concept seems intriguing for sure.

  • I have a feeling it will still be good in the end.

  • Gamers cry about how they want "innovation" however the sales numbers SCREAM otherwise.
  • I remember in one of the RE games you had to burn those zombies so they wouldn't come back stronger...or something like that. This brought back memories of that RE game (can't think which one it was, the first one maybe). As the reading went on it began to remind me of RE4. The game was great and all but no need for a clone. To many out there as it is. Hopefully, this doesn't disappoint for a great horror title (that's not just for PC/MAC/Linux or what have you) would be nice to a have...
  • Soooo basically its a shooter Well hell if that's ?the case I'll just pop in resident evil 4-6, save me 60$
  • I sure you guys are too quick to judge the game base on a Daniel's opinion on the demos he seen. As stated by Shinji he wants to make sure that players will feel hopeless with limited resource and weapons. Demo just emphasis more on the weapons and crafting system to help player visualize the game mechanic. I sure the finalized game will be great.

  • Whoa. Thanks for the honest take from your experience, man. I appreciate that.

  • Man this article definitely took the wind out of my sails for this game. Hopefully the demo really isn't an accurate reflection of the entire experience.

  • Weapons aren't the problem mucking up modern day horror. I think most people forget this, but both the first Silent Hill AND Resident Evil games had a pretty large arsenal of weapons. That didn't make those games any less scary, and I must reserve judgment to see what effect it has on this. See, the atmosphere of the first Silent Hill and RE games made up for so much it didn't matter that you were armed like a tank, they still managed to be creepy, scary and unnerving. That said, none of us have seen these new demos. It's hard to say for sure, but at the same time I can imagine this game being easily screwed up given the track record of these new gens dealing with horror. Just don't blame it on the weapons. Going around the net I see this "artsy" idea that weapons make things less scary; that's an oversimplification. Now, if the game also plays like L4D or CoD to, that would be a BIG problem.
  • I'm not worried, if the game has the same feel as RE4, I am all for it. Don't forget that Resident Evil and Dead Space had a big arsenal to chose from.

  • I am so excited for this game. I hope it's complete horror and not like Resident Evil 5 or 6.

  • Yeah I had been really excited for this game, then I saw that house defense mission in one of the trailers with some bad shooting and stupid spike trap things. I'd rather just have a great survival-horror game.

  • The only scary thing left about survival horror is how badly it's been neglected and despoiled by gun-toting action and lazy jump scares. Best to go in this game with low expectations and hope to be pleasantly surprised.
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