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The Elder Scrolls Online

Meet The Elder Scrolls Online's Daedra Scamps

The Elder Scrolls Online's smallest Daedra, the scamps, are the dangerous comic relief of Tamriel.

They're small enemies that appeared in Morrowind and Oblivion. They shoot fire, have melodramatic death animations, and have their own ridiculous gibberish language.

For more on The Elder Scrolls Online, you can check out our E3 coverage of the game by heading here, and learn about the Kwama, the last enemies detailed by The Elder Scrolls Online's website, here.

[Source: The Elder Scrolls Online]

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  • Oh how annoying were the scamps in Morrowind... except for the Creeper. He was my best friend!
  • I hated these guys in Oblivion.
  • Oh no, not the god•••• scamps!!!

  • This game looked bad at first, but not it's really shaping up. Excited.
  • I really missed the Daedra in Skyrim, good to see a nice variety of them in ESO.
  • Yea those things sucked

  • Ahh, I loved these annoying little twits in Oblivion.

    It should be their own ridiculous gibberish language, not they're.
  • When this game comes out I will be very happy indeed.

  • Pretty underwhelming....

  • How do they look worse than they did in Oblivion?
  • Looks like Yoda on crack.
    The more I see/hear of this MMO the more excited I get. Even though I'm not a big Elder Scrolls guy I've been longing for an MMO that sticks with me.
  • Looks like my friends sister

  • Ah, yes. The Scamps. I love and hate them. But I welcome their return with open arms.

  • Looks crap... Even WoW has different looking races but this.. This is like watching clones
  • I have always loved the ES series since they released Daggerfall. I am also looking for an immersive MMO to engage in. While it looks somewhat less generic now than it did when it was just announced, TES:O is playing it way too safe. Crazy how the franchise is known for its sandboxyness and yet they insist on making the MMO a themepark. Perhaps they should have experimented with a smaller multiplayer (either co-op or interaction ala Demon Souls). I'm sure some loyal fans will play it for a few months until it goes F2P, then it will probably die a quiet death in a few years.
  • Them sucker's look like an inbred looking Gremlin from the movie's.

  • Ugh, Scamps. I've died by their hands a few times, either from overwhelming numbers or I was fighting a stronger daedra and after the fight, with no way of healing myself, one of these comes out of nowhere and launches a fireball at my face. Oh the memories.
  • I hated these things in Oblivion.

  • Too bad this game will not be great.
  • They're not running around or anything? They just stand there and get hit in the face with an axe? Must be a mouth breather thing..but really I hope that's not going to be the bulk of the gameplay there..that's why I fell asleep in my chair while playing WoW. I've got high expectations cause I love Bethesda and most the games they have made and published, all I can do is hope for the best I guess.
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