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The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Opens Beta Registration

Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios have announced that beta registration for The Elder Scrolls Online has begun.

If you go to the game's website right now, you can sign up for a chance to beta test the game. No word on exactly when the test will begin.

In the meantime, check out this cinematic trailer for the game. For more on the alliances in the ESO, take a look at this earlier trailer.

The Elder Scrolls Online is slated for release sometime in 2013 on PC and Mac. Click on the banner to visit our cover story hub on the game.

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  • I hear you can play in first person. Is this true?
  • Anyone wanna front me a computer for awhile? :P
  • FUS-BE-TA!
  • My brother's main gripe with TES games is that he feels they're designed for MMO, or at least co-op. The worlds are so vast that he feels as though they're wasted on single player. This might be right up his alley.
  • damn that archer is a beast, I wish I had a better computer

  • I signed up and it said I was Above Average. Hope I get it!!!
  • Well I'm definitely signing up for this. I've been excited for this game since it was announced.

  • I really wish I had a computer to run this...It looks so amazing.
  • I'll most certainly give it a shot! ^_^

  • Wow that was *** awesome.

  • awesome

  • just signed up i hope i get a beta invite

  • I would watch an Elder Scrolls movie, but why show things you will never be able to do in the game and the graphics wont look half as good but still want to try it.
  • When is this movie coming out?

  • OMG what a trailer... awesome!

  • Trailer looks GREAT!!! But I highly doubt the game will look as good as the trailer does.

  • Going Ebonheart pack all the way

  • I may get this

  • Pro tip: Say you are a girl and you will most likely get in.
  • Got an "excellent" for chance in getting into beta :D

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