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The Elder Scrolls Online

First Screen And Details On Elders Scrolls Online

One picture may be worth a thousand words, but even that isn’t enough to convey the breadth of ZeniMax’s new MMO.

Yesterday you got a glimpse of Game Informer’s June cover story, Elder Scrolls Online. Today, we give you an exclusive first look at what the game will look like in action.

What’s going on here?
In this image, you can see a couple player characters battling some Storm Atronachs. Storm Atronach are a species of daedra (divine creatures that come from magical dimensions) that are constructed from stone and held together by magic. The most powerful of all the atronachs, Storm Atronach are immune to normal weapons and shock attacks, are resistant to poisons, and can reflect spells back at their caster.

Is that all?
Behind the battle is a series of daedric ruins. These great towers were built long ago by an ancient race of people, but they’re not the only landmarks players will discover throughout their journey. As players travel through Skyrim, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and the rest of Tamriel they will encounter various dwarven ruins, ancient nordic tombs, decayed dwemer buildings, and many other ancient locales, some of which players may have discovered in previous Elder Scrolls games.

I still want more!
We know you do, but that’s all for today. If you missed it, Elder Scrolls Online’s first teaser trailer released earlier today, and check back next week for more exclusive Elder Scrolls content.

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  • Read the article about this in my GameInformer magazine. I've played WOW, Rift, and both Oblivion and Skyrim on my xbox. I really can't wait to see what they do with this game!

  • This sounds cool. However, I do not like how they spoiled what the June Cover Story is. That took away the excitement

  • I hope this doesn't really suck.

  • I have a terrible feeling that this is going to be exactly like every other MMO.
  • perfect!!!!!!

  • Dwarven Ruins and Decaying Dwemer buildings are the same thing... This game will have a lot of depth.

  • please make the combat enjoyable. The lore is perfect the world is built and perfect but MMO hotbar turned base with the holy trinity needs massive help. Don't just settle in like SWTOR. I really hope the stamina bar makes it different for every fight. No one wants to setup a hotbar sequence to use again and again millions of times on every mob.

    I've been singing it's praises like crazy but TERA, what I thought to be a time killer while waiting for Secret World and GW2 has become my favorite game in years. The combat is fast and fresh at every turn and all the classes feel dramatically different. The ability to string together different attacks at your own choosing activated by a hotbutton makes for constantly changing strategy and non stop, blocking dodging and powerup hits. I want to see something like this in all my future MMO's. Not the same thing mind you, it has it's flaws but it's a great revelation for the genre.

    Mix it up! Get us moving and enjoying the 99% of the time we spend fighting mobs and each other more than pressing 1,2,3,4,5, rinse and repeat. Tank, Deeps and Heals are okay if you have active blocking, dodging and targeting. I've played the same area's almost a dozen times leveling all my characters and it's never old. I'm simply amazed and can't say enough about taking risks to bring more to the genre I love so much.

    Take notes Elder Scrolls, you're the king of CRPG, don't be a follower going in to MMO's, be the innovator we've come to know and love.

  • whens the last time an MMO came out and all the reviews said "this game is awesome and a MUST PLAY!" I sure as hell can't remember. Thats probably because most MMOs are just time wasters and after someone is done playing one, they think "wow i wish i hadn't invested so much time into that considering i gained absolutely nothing from the experience"

  • I hope it's not completely third person... at least have an option for first person, just gotta love first person! But also, I guess if it looked like Skyrim it'd take years to make the entire of Tamriel, still can hope though =)
  • It looks.... Cartoonish... I was expecting Skyrim-like graphics, or even better graphics... But after seeing these screenshots... I'm terribly disappointed.

  • I cant wait

  • Meh

  • Wait a second... all of Tamriel? Seriously? If I had a computer that could run a modern game, I'd be really excited for this.

  • Awesome, kind of makes me wish I would of played all the other Elder Scrolls

  • They couldn't have taken a better screenshot? That warrior's face looks messed up. Like his face is a flat, single texture that's being stretched.

  • As much praise as I want to give this game. I simply am at a loss for words. I don't think it will be a good idea, even as fun as it sounds. I think there will be a big problem from day one, classes? Or freestyle? Summon/ heavy armor,gg? Still, if they can make this work count me in I'm excited about this. Good luck zenimax I hope it will work!

  • hmmm

  • I wanna see Elsweyr in a main ES game, or a least another cheese collection in the dlc. MEOW!! I read a book in Skyrim where an explorer traveled by boat around Elsweyr a long time ago and it sounded awesome.

  • hopefully its not subscription based, but can't wait to see more about this!

  • this seems like the stupidest idea imo